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Christian Finger

About Me

Christian Finger is an award winning drummer who has played drums for some of the world’s greatest Jazz and Pop musicians. Born and raised in Germany, Christian studied in the Netherlands and Germany, receiving MA ‘Percussion’ & BA ‘Teaching’ Degrees. He has studied with world renowned drummers, including John Riley, Adam Nussbaum, Jeff Ballard, M. “Smitty” Smith, Kenny Washington, Ari Hoenig and Jack de Johnette. He continues to deepen his musical education through composition/counterpoint studies with H. Derdack (Germany) and C.C. Bettendorf (NY, Columbia University). A writer for the “Modern Drummer Magazine”, Christian has also authored two drum books. His over fifteen years of teaching experience began in Germany’s largest public music school, Musik Schule Bochum, where he educated students of all ages and levels. He then moved on to a career in Australia, and then on to New York in 2001. Christan works in all fields of music (Rock/Pop/Funk/Blues/ Musicals/ Theater Music/ Cabaret to Jazz and studio work). He has performed and recorded with world famous musicians like Lee Konitz, who is featured on first “finger trio” CD. He has also played with Dave Kikoski, John Goldsby, Rich Perry, Reuben Wilson, Andy McKee, Peter Bernstein, Donny McCasslin, Mike Nock, Russ Lossing, Bruce Williamson, Grant Stewart, John Marshall and more. Christian was featured in Germany’s biggest TV Station, on several radio shows and toured Europe with his award winning bands, ”Once in a Lifetime” and the “East West Quartet”. As the drummer, composer & leader of the “Christian Finger Band”, he has just released his new CD “Merge Into Beauty” featuring the great Rich Perry, tensax(Vanguard Jazz Orchestra), Vadim Neselovskyi, piano (Gary Burton), Adam Armstrong, bass (Kenny Kirkland), and The Momenta String Quartet, getting rave reviews from leading jazz magazines. Christian is also a member of "IN" trio feat. legendary Harvie S and Tim Armacost. New CD coming:"Ananda" feat. stellar cast Jeff Ballard (in a rare drum duo), Dave Stryker, Zach Brock, Vadim Neselovskyi, Pete mcCan,Bobby Harden, Adam Armstrong & Mivos String Quartet.

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because it is so open and exciting. I was first exposed to jazz when I was 12 years old I met and played with a lot of great cats, like Ron Carter, Lee Konitz, Harvie S, Dave Kikoski and many more....