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Kris Gruda

eclectic and experimental guitar, voice and objects

About Me

existent since 1976. began playing guitar circa 1984. enjoys playing many styles (jazz, blues, funk, punk, noise, progressive rock). often gravitates to abstrakt/intensely expressive/weird and or space musick. currently central FL of the u.s.a.-based improviser/composer/songwriter. primarily utilizes guitar + voice, electronics, cassette tape (self-samples and field recordings), percussion and found objects. enjoys collaborative efforts as well as solo performance and highly prefers creative musickal direction(s).

My Jazz Story

I love jazz allows for freedom of expression and an array of possibilities. I was first exposed to jazz...after discovering improvisational rock groups such as The Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers Band and Phish. The best show I ever attended was...Roscoe Mitchell Quartet. The first jazz record I bought was...Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis. My advice to new listeners...keep an open mind. Emphasize creativity, not rules.

My Favorites

  1. Ornette Coleman- The Shape Of Jazz To Come
  2. Miles Davis- Bitches Brew
  3. The Flying Luttenbachers- The Void
  4. Evan Parker- The Topography Of The Lungs
  5. Alfredo Gutierrez/Aurita Castillo - Festival Con Aurita