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Yiannis Despotakis

About Me

Yiannis Despotakis was born in Greece/Athens on the 19th October 1983.He's relationship with rhythm begun quite early, in the age of five, after dicovering his mothers chopsticks in the kitchen. Since that day he hasn't stopped exploring the universe of rhythm. In the year 2000, he had the oppurtunity to meet the great drummer Kostas Anastasiadis who, for 8 years now, has been teaching him rhythmology and boddy positioning.For 3 years, he was studying along with one of Greece's highly recognised jazz drummers Nikos Kapilidis.He have also had drum clinics with Bruce Cox, Nathaniel Townsley the 3rd, Paul Wertigo, Garry Novack, Clarence Penn. Since aproximately 1.5 years ago he started having tabla lessons with Satnam Ghai, in Athens, and during his stay in Berlin he had also had tabla lessons with Nihat Yarciloglu.At the time, he is in Athens having performances,shows,giggs with several musicians and collaborations with several theatrical teams, for theatrical and musical imrpovisation. Together with guitarist Sifis Karadakis, they are working on expressing and dividing feelings and images for the creation of melody, music and rhythm. Recently, Yiannis and Sifis have completed their latest recordings for their self-released album which can be heard directly from their myspace profile

My Favorites

  1. Polyphony of Deep Rain Forest - The music of Pygmy in Ituri
  2. John Cage - Music for Percussion Quartet
  3. Milford Graves - Grand Unification
  4. Ornete Coleman - Free Jaz
  5. Don Cherry - Where is Brooklin
  6. AREA - Arbeit Macht Frei
  7. Augustus Pablo & Lee Perry - Black Ark
  8. Anuradha Pal - A Tabla Solo
  9. Kala Ramnath - Kala