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Jack Broad

My Favorites

  1. miles davis- miles smiles
  2. wayne shorter- juju
  3. jim hall- live
  4. pat metheny- bright size life
  5. joe henderson- power to the people
  6. joe henderson- so near, so far
  7. miles davis- filles de kilimanjaro
  8. mccoy tyner- the real mccoy
  9. larry young- unity
  10. radiohead- kid a
  11. joni mitchell- court and spark
  12. steely dan- aja
  13. john scofield- what we do
  14. led zeppelin- houses of the holy
  15. paul bley- footloose
  16. ornette coleman- this is our music
  17. joe lovano- sounds of joy
  18. squarepusher- hard normal daddy
  19. meshuggah- chaosphere