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John P Healy

I was born in 1941 and I was reborn in 2002 when I had heart bypass surgery so much for my one sentence bio!

About Me

My favorite artists are mainly trumpet players but I do have favorite piano players and sax players also. I like most instruments as long as they sound good . Louis Armstrong was one of the first trumpet sounds I heard ,along with Harry James both of who were very popular in the 50s when I was a child. I would listen to the radio to mostly big bands in those days which were playing on all the AM stations!!

My Favorites

  1. Desert Island picks?? I have just far too many favorites to pick a few. I would choos e by artist Louis Armstrong,Bobby Hackett,Miles Davis, Count Basie,Duke Ellington,Woody Herman,Clifford Brown,Freddie Hubbard Maynard Fergsun to have some of their cds on a desert island would be good.