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Tina Phillips

Jazz Vocalist

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because it's such a joyous part of my life. The performances with other musicians are such an amazing experience I can't imagine doing anything else. I feel so honored every day to carry on the tradition of those who came before me and to make a living doing something I love. I also see how it's colored my whole existence and how I walk through life. I come from a family of musicians and growing up I had lots of opportunities to hear amazing music. I met [musician name]...I've met many amazing musicians in my 30+ years as a jazz vocalist and have had the opportunity to perform with so many of them. Bruno Carr, Paul Warburton, Art Lande, Eric Gunnison, Sheila Jordan, Jovan Jackson, Tamir Hendelman, Sherry Luchette and so many more. The best show I ever attended was...That's a hard one because there have been so many, Ray Brown, Monty Alexander, Chick Corea but Sheila Jordan at Mt. Vernon Country Club was incredible. I loved her show, such creativity and joy and Betty Carter at the Denver Botanic Gardens was pretty amazing too. The first jazz record I bought was Charlie Parker and Monk. Bought them at the same time. I've taught clinics with people who want to understand what's going on. After we demonstrate and do a concert people say, I've always loved jazz but now I understand what you are all doing. Don't be shy to ask questions of jazz musicians. The more you understand the more you will enjoy it. It's a pretty amazing experience and so much fun to share.