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My Jazz Story

I love jazz because I love surprise. I was first exposed to jazz when I was 19. I met Charles Mingus in a club in Munich, then, and Sunny Rollins. It was cheepest. Only the drinks were expensive. I loved the performances, but did not understand much. Afterwords, I did not listen to jazz for 25 years. The first jazz record I bought was 2gether, record of the year in 2000. I began to listen to horns, then more horns, then bass, drums, and finally piano. My guide to jazz was, it was before the desastrous disk crash. In the evening I read articles and reviews in the history section, and in the morning, when the american community was online, I downloaded and shared music on kazaa with a 64 KBit line - I did not sleep very much those days. The best show I ever attended was a concert of Jason Moran Band waggon in a small club in Hamburg, in 2003. It was so crouded that people were sitting at Jason Morans feet. I felt as if the air was in flame, while Jason Moran was wearing a lambswool pullover! My advice to new listeners: when you have enjoyed listening to a star find out more about the sidemen (or women), and you will discover a universe.