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Cool Vic, The Music Dick

I'm a Music Dick sepcializing in cold cases.

About Me

Cool Vic's M.O... The name's Vic. Cool Vic. My parents were old movie fans. You know the type--those black & white classics that only air when memories and regrets erupt screaming through your dreams and keep you awake past two in the morning. Mom loved Victor Mature. I was born mature, you could say. I was born Vic, at least. The "Cool" part? Picked that up along the way. Never shook it. Never tried. I'm a Music Dick. Some hardboiled guys like me end up tracking down dames or cars or jewelry or paintings. I go after a treasure of a different kind. The smoky hazy blue kind of treasure, like Miles played on Kind of Blue or the Hawk exhaled through his "Body And Soul". That song that you can't recall enough of to remember, but remember too much of to forget. I know I seem tough--you have to, in this business--but I'm here to help ya, kid. Who or what are ya looking for?