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Robert Pawlik

Vieanna based guitarist and composer focusing on Michaela Rabitsch & Robert Pawlik Duo and Quartet

About Me

Robert Pawlik: guitarist, composer, arranger, mixing and recording. Born and grown up in Vienna, piano lessons at the age of 7. With 12 years he changed to guitar and after receiving his university-entrance diploma he studied jazzguitar at the Conservatory of Vienna, Postgraduate at AIM (with Les Wise, Wayne Brasel, Karl Ratzer) . Concerts and recordings with Al Fats Edwards, Andy Lee Lang, Respect, Five in Love, ... In the last years he focuses especially on his own music played together in quartet or duo with Michaela Rabitsch.

My Favorites

  1. Miles Davis - If there is a chance I would take nearly all of his recordings with me.
  2. Michel Camillo- Why Not
  3. Mike Stern - These Times
  4. Mike Stern - Upside Downside
  5. Joe Zawinul - Heavy Weather
  6. Robben Ford - Talk To Your Daugther
  7. The Brecker Brothers - Return of The Brecker Brothers
  8. Jimmy Smith - Off The Top