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Michael McCaw

Keeping an ear for a sound that moves...

About Me

John Coltrane once remarked that he was looking for a sound that could heal people-- that place where he could play a phrase and have a direct and palpable affect on people.

The first two real moments when jazz consumed me was hearing Cannonball Adderley’s “Dis Here” over the radio during one of those ‘drive way moments’ except it was in 100+ degree Florida heat with no air conditioning. The second came soon afterward when a friend at a local record shop recommended a Peter Kowald solo performance that weekend where only about thirty other people showed up but the music was simply incredible. Both were inspiring, lasting moments in time. Both had a palpable affect on me.

Whether art is visual, aural, or visceral it is the experience that I remember most, the macro feel composed of those micro moments. And these experiences make a daily impact on our lives whether we realize it or not.

Listen with open ears.

My Favorites

  1. Thomas Chapin - Alive (Complete Knitting Factory Recordings)
  2. John Coltrane - The Heavyweight Champion
  3. Miles Davis - The Complete Live At The Plugged Nickel, 1965
  4. Miles Davis - The Complete Studio Recordings (1965-68)
  5. Duke Ellington - Never No Lament: The Blanton Webster Band
  6. Bill Evans - The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings, 1961
  7. Joe Henderson - The Blue Note Years (Box Set)
  8. Andrew Hill - Complete Blue Note Andrew Hill Sessions (1963-66)
  9. Keith Jarrett - La Scala
  10. Myra Melford - Alive In The House of Saints (Expanded / Complete)
  11. Charles Mingus - Passions of A Man: The Complete Atlantic Recordings (1956-61)
  12. Hank Mobley - The Complete Blue Note Fifties Sessions
  13. Thelonious Monk - The Complete Riverside Recordings
  14. Thelonious Monk - Live At The It Club (Complete)
  15. Charlie Parker - The Complete Savoy and Dial Master Takes
  16. Charlie Parker - Complete Savoy Live Performances: Sept. 29, 1947 - Oct. 25, 1950
  17. Art Pepper - The Complete Galaxy Recordings
  18. Max Roach - The Complete Mercury Max Roach Plus Four Sessions
  19. Vandermark 5 - Alchemia
  20. Mal Waldron & Steve Lacy - Live At Dreher Paris, 1981 (Complete)