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Frantisek Uhlir

Frantisek Uhlir is a composer and a double-bass player, graduated at the Brno Conservatory in 1971.

About Me

Frantisek Uhlir Born 24.7. 1950 in Usti n/Orlic in Czech Republic.From 1965 has studied double bass,piano and composition at the conservatory in Brno.During his studies has played at the orchestra of the Janacek's opera-house and at the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra. He graduated the conservatory at 1971 with the concert for the double bass and chamber orchestra by J.K.Vanhal(1739-1813). The first touch with the jazz was listening to the Voice of America that came on midnight for an hour.In this broadcasting I've heard first the Bill Evans Trio with Scott LaFaro on the bass and I was very impressed not only by his playing, but with the way, how this trio played together. I've really been influenced by everything I've heard, but of course I paid special attention to the bassplayers as Ray Brown,Paul Chambers, Ron Carter and Scott LaFaro. He played and collaborated with the best Czech jazz musicians(K.Velebny SHQ, E.Viklicky Q,Linha Singers,Impuls, L.Deczi Cellula International,J.Stivin Q, Baroque Jazz Q,K.Ruzicka, R.Dasek) During his career he has been collaborating with many international groups and musicians: D.Weckl,B.Bailey,W.Shaw,J.Newman,P.Wilson,Sal Nistico,T.Curson,S.Hamilton,S.Costanzo,S.Robinson,B.Moses,B.Golbin, L.A.Davison,J.Serry, M.Printup from U.S.A.; S.Houben,P,Catherine,J.Piroton from Belgium; B.Dennerlein,D.Goykovich,W.Lackerschmid,W.Haffner,C.Stotter,D.Terzic,A.Hertrich,T.Jost,T.Wagner, H.Beckmann, East -West Connection from Germany; Ines Reiger,M.Lackner,J.Siedl,N.Zach,D.Jaburek,Ch.Havel from Austria; G.Cazzola,R.Magris,G.Centis,M.Lösch, Europlane Orchestra from Italy; J.Nicholas,D.Wickins,T.Smith,E. Severn,T.Bancroft,B.Wellins from Great Britain; G.Atzmon, S.Goldenberg from Izrael; D.Moccia,R.Morgentaler,S.Schlegel,O.Giovannoni,F.Ambrosetti,M.Däniker Trio,M.Hugelshofer Q from Switzerland,Czech-Norwegian Band,P.Mikkelborg,A.Riel from Denmark;D.Jurkovic from Croatia;M.Hausser from France. He toured and played with different groups the concerts and the festivals in this countries: Austria(Jazzfestival Wiesen, Germany(Ost-West Festival in Nurnberg, Jazztage Leverkusen, Jazztage Ehingen,Landes Jazzfestival Esslingen,Jazz Rally Dusseldorf),Jazzfestival Luxembourg(Autumn Leaves),Belgium( Jazz Rally Bruxelles), Holland, Denmark, Norway(Jazzfestival Konsberg),Sweden, Switzerland (Jazzfestival Olten, Jazzfestival Ascona), Italy (Jazzfestival Cormons, Jazzfestival Ivrea, Newport in Torino,Jazzfestival Trieste), France (Jazzfestival Munster,Jazzfestival Colmar),Spain,Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Izrael(Jazzfestival Eilat,Jazzfestival Tel Aviv),Turkey, Canada(Jazzfestival Montreal),Great Britain(Jazzfestival Edinburg, Jazzfestival Cheltenham,London Jazzfestival), Cyprus,Vietnam,Japan. He has recorded many albums as a sideman and also three on his name (Basssaga 1984, Frantisek Uhlir Team feat.C.Stotter 1992 and Double CD Bass Devotion/Basssaga 2010) and others as Live at Jazzinec -The Trio Wilkins-Uhlir-Helesic 2014,Live at the Box- E.ViklickyTrio 2014, Prague After Dark The Trio Magris-Uhlir-Helesic 2017) and three with the trio project Jurkovic+Uhlir+Helesic ( Live 2002, Frantisek Uhlir Trio feat.D.Goykovich 2006, Maybe Later 2008 ). Radio and TV shows inland and abroad From 1987 is Frantisek Uhlir leader of his own group F.U.T.-Frantisek Uhlir Team.

My Favorites

  1. Bill Evans Trio- At the Village Vanguard
  2. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
  3. Chet Baker Trio - This is Always
  4. Keith Jarret Trio - Whisper not
  5. Jimmy Smith & Wes Mongomery - The Dynamic Duo
  6. Rob McConnell - Riffs I have known