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Bev Stapleton

History teacher with an obsessive interest in a wide range of music

About Me

Some time in 1969 I started listening randomly to the radio and became absorbed. The rock music of the early 70s led me to the frontiers of jazz (thank you Soft Machine), classical (thank you Prog-Rockers) and folk music (thank you Fairport). From that point on exploring new musical genres became compulsive. In jazz I'm especially interested in current British and European music. I also enjoy English, Irish and Scandanavian folk music, early 20th century classical music (especially the British composers of that period) and left-field country music. The rock music of the 60s and early 70s continues to excite me; and I've recently grown curious about the wider musical world that falls under the 'World' umbrella. In the spare time I have left over from listening to music I teach History to 11-18 year olds. Having just hit 50 I have inevitably turned to gardening. That wonderful invention, the CD walkperson, makes it possible to dig holes and listen to music. Life is good!

My Favorites

  1. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
  2. Soft Machine - Third
  3. Varrtina - Iki
  4. Fairport Convention - Full House
  5. Chris Wood - The Lark Descending
  6. Mike Westbrook - The Cortege
  7. Frank Bridge - Enter Spring
  8. Gustav Mahler - Sixth Symphony
  9. Planxty - The Woman I Loved So Well
  10. Richard Thompson - Pour Down Like Silver
  11. Norma Winstone - Somewhere Called Home
  12. Ralph Vaughan Williams - 5th Symphony
  13. Ronnie Scott - Serious Gold
  14. Kenny Wheeler - Music for Large and Small Ensembles
  15. Duke Ellington - The RCA Centennial Edition
  16. King Crimson - Islands
  17. Jean Sibelius - 5th Symphony
  18. ...and many, many more (I'd need a large desert island).