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Dennis Hollingsworth

Drummer, Concerned Social Spirit and Jazz Fan.

About Me

I am currently in the midst of a thirty five year love affair with jazz music. If lucky, I may get another twenty five or so before it's time to move on. I have been a student, player and listener throughout, having spent a few years at Arizona State in the 70s with guys like Frank Smith, Lewis Nash, Alan Chase, Frank Kimbrough and my brother, Mark Lyons. Playing today is largely a hobby, but supporting the music by purchasing recordings and attending live performances is paramount to my well being. Music and art are as important to my soul as food and breath are to my body. Concern for the community at large and the good fortune of my fellow ‘travelers’ highlight my thoughts and efforts. A couple of my favorite quotes; “I merely took the time to pout and wrote down some blues," Duke Ellington. “Wickedness is a myth invented by good people to account for the curious attractiveness of others," Oscar Wilde.

My Favorites

  1. John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
  2. Miles Davis - In a Silent Way
  3. Art Ensemble of Chicago - Urban Bushmen
  4. Kenny Wheeler - The Widow in the Window
  5. Kenny Wheeler - Music for Large & Small Ensembles
  6. Pat Matheny - Bright Size Life
  7. Duke Ellington - Live at Newport 1956
  8. Hank Jones - Upon Reflection: The Music of Thad Jones
  9. Oliver Nelson - Blues and the Abstract Truth
  10. Eric Dolphy - Out to Lunch
  11. Thelonious Monk - Alone in San Francisco
  12. Horace Silver - The United States of Mind
  13. Keith Jarrett - Facing You
  14. Keith Jarrett - Koln Concert
  15. Freddie Hubbard - Straight Life
  16. Elvin Jones - Live at the Lighthouse
  17. Bill Evans Trio - Highlights from Turn Out the Stars (live at the Village Vanguard)
  18. Gary Husband - The Things I See
  19. Tony Williams - Civilization
  20. Tony Williams - Believe It
  21. Tony Williams - Wilderness
  22. Joni Mitchell - Shadows and Light
  23. Oregon/Elvin Jones - Together
  24. George Adams - Sound Suggestions
  25. Ralph Towner - Time Line
  26. Eberhard Weber - Later That Evening
  27. Jan Garbarek - Photo With Blue Sky
  28. Bill Frisell - Rambler