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Jochem van Dijk

In the 19th century he was a leading theologian living under the clock tower of his hometown Aarhus, Denmark

About Me

Last year I moved to New York, after having spent most of my life in the World's Biggest Village, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Basically I graduated as an musicologist, because at the time I was too scared too apply at a conservatory. After several years of various playing, composing and teaching assignments in the music field (not to mention stints in software programming and sitebuilding), I seem these days to be steering back onto my original track, ethnomusicology.

My Favorites

  1. Sonny Rollins/Live at the Village Vanguard I&II
  2. Charles Ives/3rd Symphony
  3. John Coltrane/Live in Europe
  4. Curtis Mayfield/Curtis Live!
  5. Hector Berlioz/Romeo et Juliet
  6. Charles Mingus/Ah Um
  7. Blind Willie Johnson/Dark was the night
  8. Jackie McLean/One step beyond
  9. Herbie Nichols/The complete blue note recordings
  10. Reverend Gary Davies/If I had my way
  11. Olivier Messiaen/L'ascension
  12. Jimi Hendrix/BBC Sessions
  13. Edgar Varese/Deserts