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Manuel del Val Latorre

My Favorites

  1. J.S. Bach - Brandenburg concerts
  2. Ludwig van Beethoven - Late string quartets op.127 - 135
  3. Claude Debussy - Sonatas for Flute, Viola and Harp, for Violin and for Cello
  4. Arnold Schoenberg - Pierrot lunaire
  5. Arnold Schoenberg - Suite op. 29
  6. Alban Berg - Chamber concerto
  7. Igor Stravinsky - The rite of spring
  8. Igor Stravinsky - Violin concerto
  9. Miles Davis - Birth of the cool
  10. Thelonious Monk - Piano solo (1954)
  11. Charles Mingus - Mingus Ah um
  12. Charles Mingus - Presents Charles Mingus
  13. Beatles - Abbey road
  14. Pink Floyd - The dark side of the moon
  15. Ralph Towner - Solstice
  16. Kenny Wheeler - Angel Song