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Jonathan Manning

Aspiring journalist looking to gain reporting experience and to immerse myself in the LA jazz scene.

My Jazz Story

I began exploring jazz after a long stint with classic and indie rock in high school, searching for something that challenged my conceptions of rhythm and melody which led to more questions and critical thought rather than just listening pleasure. The critical component of jazz--the requisite attention and scrutiny--contributes to a deeper analysis and appreciation of music, art, culture, and politics and helps me stay engaged and active as a citizen, writer, and music enthusiast. I am also an aspiring journalist and hope to combine that passion with my love of jazz and report on the Los Angeles jazz scene and the always-developing sounds of the genre.

My Favorites

  1. Arthur Verocai - Arthur Verocai
  2. Art Blakey - Art Blakey with the Original The Jazz Messengers
  3. Kamasi Washington - The Epic
  4. John Surman - Upon Reflection