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Colette Schryburt

Jazz Radio Host

About Me

Coco Jazz is a 3 hour jazz show that concentrates mainly on Canadian jazz, but still... there is great jazz all around so hey! why not spin it! It's a French jazz show, you can listen in via TuneIn Radio on Monday nights LIVE at 7PM and rebroadcast on Saturdays 7PM It's CKVL-FM 100.1, Radio LaSalle witch is a community radio station. Coco Jazz is also hear across Canada. It has been chosen to air in other French community radio station from cost to cost! Great initiative from the RFA witch is the Radio Fracophone d'Amérique. Great news for jazz players & fans! I love to spin the locals & get them out there! I get to choose what music will be spinning, I do all my research and host the show.