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Daniel Marx

Jazz, folk and world music enthusiast from London with an unhealthy internet addiction.

About Me

I'm a music student at the University of Liverpool with a keen interest in Jazz, world music and folk. I have a lot of opinions about music and funnel them through my blog (, twitter (@alwaysbewhelmed) and my show, Jazz Paraphernalia, on Liverpool Student Radio. I've loved Jazz for as long as I've listened to music and love writing about it just as much.

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because I've been immersed in it my whole life. For me, the way musicians interact with each other in jazz is unlike any other genre of music. It's enthralling. I was first exposed to jazz as a young child. My dad used to play anything and everything on car journeys and in the house. I met Jasper Hoiby and Ivo Neame. The best show I ever attended was Chick Corea and Gary Burton at the Barbican. The first jazz record I bought was These Are the Vistas by The Bad Plus. My advice to new listeners--don't discriminate. Listen to everything!

My Favorites

  1. Chris Thile, Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer - The Goat Rodeo Sessions
  2. Snarky Puppy - We Like It Here
  3. Jamie Cullum - The Pursuit