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Claude Wilson

About Me

Trained in the field of agariculture in Jamaica and The Netherlands, I am currently employed in the field of agricultural sales. A freelance writer for the both Jamaican daily newspaper, Buzzz Caribbean Lifestyle magazine (online). Musician Editor for five AAJ Musicians. I authored the livestock booklet, HUSBANDRY TIPS for CARIBBEAN PIG FARMS: and produced two free issues, GUIDE TO FEEDING AND MANAGEMENT OF PIGS and BROILER MANAGEMENT & FEEDING GUIDE. I possess a wide and varied collection of jazz, including oldies, standard and contemporay, Latin, and Smooth Africa. One of my major interest is in maintaining a significantly popular jazz blog at As hobby, I practice container gardening, growing vegetables and horticultural blooms, and is currently in deep waters trying to raise some delightful gruppies.

My Favorites

  1. Barefoot on the Beach - Michael Franks
  2. When I Look I Your Eyes - Diana Krall
  3. Call Me Irresponsible - Michael Buble
  4. Esperanza - Esperanza Spaulding