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Charlie Ricci

Charlie lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife who favors folk music and singer-songwriters.

About Me

Charlie hates music critics so much (except for the All About Jazz writers, of course) that he figures the only way he can beat them is to infiltrate their ranks and exercise his first amendment rights too. His disdain toward critics does not exist because they had an outlet for their opinions and he did not, but because of their often self-righteous attitude of superiority toward any music and artists they dislike. So at the risk of becoming one of the enemy he offers up his music reviews for AAJ and from his own blog. He is not related to Michael Ricci.

My Jazz Story

My interest in jazz was mostly implanted in me because I was exposed to my Mom's 78 RPM big band collection when I was very young. While I ended up loving rock & roll more, I'm still a sucker for anything with a trumpet or a horn section. Louie Armstrong, Dave Brubeck, & Chet Baker rule!