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Angela C Villa

Angela works with and for artists, primarily musicians, who push the boundaries across and beyond the stylistic spectrum.

About Me

Angela C Villa has been nomadic since 2008 working as an artist manager, publicist and documenter. A summer nomad since her second decade, she had become a perpetual peripatetic traveler by her fourth. After living in a log cabin in the California coastal redwood forest and helping rebuild a 100 year-old adobe abode in the high desert of Northern New Mexico, she found herself receiving mail in Mexico City, Prague and Thessoloniki, among many other addresses. She has seeded ideas and plants, penned thoughts, shaped clay and wire, and witnessed sunsets over both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, all the while seeing and listening to Life in new and unique ways. She continues her travels with camera in hand, photographing sites and musicians as well as making documentaries and video-recording concerts. 2015 finds her in Northern New Mexico (US), where she continues working on Picoas Project and Silver Ochre as well as working with a variety of artists as a publicist.