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Diane Taber

Diane is a singer/songwriter

About Me

Born in Buffalo, New York, USA, Diane began singing professionally at age 16. She has had the privilege of working with amazing jazz talents ever since, a few with hometown connections, such as saxophonist Don Menza, acclaimed pianist and Oscar Peterson mentee Anne Fadale, trumpeter Sam Noto, Al Tinney, Joe Azarello, and Tom Schuman, keyboard player with Spyro Gyra. She studied with classical vocal coach Vincent Mattina, and was mentored in phrasing and breathing technique by jazz great Anne Marie Moss. Diane toured the US and Canada, extensively, playing clubs, appearing on TV and making records as a featured singer. She took her first high-dive into songwriting in 2006. Mid-air she knew that swimming in the melody and lyrics of others was fine, but she was ready to write and sing her own songs. Her music is influenced by our constantly changing world and reflects the values in those changes. Each new CD is a natural progression. “Where we go from where we’ve been is what’s exciting and potent,” says Diane. As to her latest album, Serve with Straw, she invites you to, “Jump in, the music’s fine.” DTM-Music is Diane's production company and her publishing business is Didja Tangle the Muse Publishing

My Jazz Story

When I was 16 years old I snuck into a club in my hometown of Buffalo, NY to see Mark Murphy. I was a big fan already but that live performance of his made me want to be not only a singer, as I had decided early on, but a jazz singer like him. Years later we met and while working clubs across the street from each other we would run back and forth on our breaks to catch each other's performances. It was amazing to me to be friends with one of my jazz heroes! My advice to new listeners would be to stay open to all good music from around the world and see how it is being integrated into the newest jazz being written and played.

My Favorites

  1. Mark Murphy - Rah
  2. Snarky Puppy - anything they play