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About Me

Success is singlehandedly the greatest form of service ever invented by humankind. It is in our wellbeing that we can best serve others. It is in our abundance that we can best serve others. It is in our joy that we can best serve others. Ultimately, it is in our thriving that the world around us thrives. As such, our first duty to our family and friends is to be successful. It is the paradigm from which we give the world permission to be all that it desires to be. It is that very freedom that will evolve us from a manipulation/enslavement paradigm to a co- creation/empowerment paradigm. The co-creation of my latest project, SUCCEED, was born out of that very desire. My intention for this project was to offer a permission slip for the very one thing we all crave to be: OURSELVES.

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because as a jazz performer, I have to stand in my radical truth and give my all each time I stand in front of an audience, with no agenda what so ever. That authenticity, paired up with no expectation, is what will set us free in the long run . . .

My Favorites

  1. Whitney Houston - The Preacher's Wife
  2. Michael McDonald - If That's What It Takes
  3. Isaac Hayes - Ultimate Isaac Hayes: Can You Dig It?