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Anna Poczatek

Born to dive in music

About Me

My first memory from childhood. I am three years old, it is almost midnight but I am not asleep. My room is very long, and I am very short. At the wall vis-a-vis my bed there is a shelf, and on this shelf there is a gramophone. It had stopped playing again this evening and I cannot decide whether I am sleepy or not. I decide I am not sleepy yet and I play the LP again ... And again this evening I heard 'strawberry fields forever'… My parents told me that I could do that for hours. Well, nothing has really changed from that time…

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because... jazz is pure art, freedom and love. I was first exposed to jazz... 10 years ago I met ... Henry Threadgill, Marco Eneidi, Andrea Parkins, Mary Halvorson, Mike Reed, Hamid Drake, Jean-Jacques Avenel, John Betch ... and ... Bartek and Marcin Oles, Ksawery Wojcinski. The best show I ever attended was... It happened many times. Every show can the the best show. Whenever people - musicians and audience - are the best the show is spectacular too. The first jazz record I bought was... I am not sure, most probably "Ithaca" by Barry Guy, Marilyn Crispell and Paul Lytton (Intakt 2004). But I remember what which was the first one I wanted to buy - t was duo Peter Kowald and William Parker "The Victoriaville Tape" (Victo 2003). I finally managed to get it three years ago in Poznan, Poland ;) My advice to new listeners... to stay open minded, listen carefully and do not judge. I miss Peter Kowald very often.