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Michael Frings

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because its life and feeling. I was first exposed to jazz 1972 in a shop, were I found a new way to hear and feel the intensity of opening my ear fare from Rock and Beat, but first I found a Way about (via) Cream, Frank Zappa, Taste, J. McLaughlin, ... I met Philip Catherine in Freiburg. With Chet Baker. The best show I ever attended was with Chet Baker and Philip Catherine in Waldsee / Freiburg. The first jazz record I bought was from J. McLaughlin My advice to new listeners like Jan Bang, J. Hassell, ... 1987 I began to make my owne musik, I baughed a Prophet 2000, an Lexicon-Reverb and a Tascam Tape-Deck. To live my own Fantasy.