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Francesco Valente

releasing new album "Maloca" by Art Of Life Records

About Me

Francesco Valente is italian, living in Lisbon for sixteen years. He is graduated in languages and literatures of hispanic and lusophone country's, at Universita Statale di Milano, and in Jazz/Double Bass at ESML, Escola Superior de Musica de Lisboa. Currently he's getting the master degree in Ethnomusicology at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and he is writing a tesis about Spokfrevo, an orchestra of frevo/jazz of Recife, Pernambuco/Brazil, having the opportunity to be guinde by Salwa El Shawan Castelo Branco and by Carlos Sandroni, both investigators internationally acclaimed. He studied double bass and jazz theory in Portugal with Afonso Pais, Massimo Cavalli, Nelson Cascais, Bernardo Moreira, João Moreira, Pedro Moreira, Bruno Santos, Andre Fernandes, Gonçalo Marques, Ricardo Pinheiro and Lars Arens. He attended Jazz workshops with John Taylor, David Binney, Marc Miralt, Mike Mainieri, Carlos Bica, Carlos Barretto etc. He collaborated in recording and live sessions with many international musicians (David Murray, Mike Mainieri, Mario Tronco, Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio, Sara Tavares, Paulo Flores, Antonio Zambujo, Aline Frazão, Ne Ladeiras, Ney Matogrosso, Chico Cesar, Tito Paris, Pedro Joia, Cool Hipnoise, Kumpania Al-Gazarra, Groove Quartet, Andre Cabaço, Fogo di Mar, Loopless, Ponto de Equilíbrio, Raimundo Amador, Mahesh Vinayakram, Kutla Khan, Oori Shalev etc.). Actually he play in various projects of jazz in Lisbon and Portugal: Tora Tora Big Band, Ricardo Pinto Quinteto, Chibanga Groove, Luis Vicente Trio, and MoFrancesco Quintetto as a leader. Also he play bass & double bass with Orquestra Todos, Terrakota, Aline Frazão, Anonima Nuvolari etc. He played and still palas in numerous international festival of World Music, Jazz and Pop. Discography: 1.”Terrakota”, 2001 2. “Terrakota”, Terrakota, Zona Musica, 2002 3. “Da Minha Voz”, Ne Ladeiras, Zona Musica, 2002 4. “Húmus Sapiens”, Terrakota, Zona Musica, 2004 5. “Tora Tora”, Tora Tora Big Band, MusicMob, 2006 6. “Oba Train”, Terrakota, Felmay, 2007 7. “Tora Tora Cult”, Tora Tora Big Band, MusicMob, 2007 8. “Vi-os Desaparecer Na Noite”, T.Gomes & Tó Trips, Optimus Discos, 2009 9. “Um Tarde K Pa’Lis”, Fogo di Mar, 2010 “World Massala”, Terrakota, Ojo Música, Karonte, 2010 Luiz Gabriel Lopes, “Passando Portas”, 2010 12.“Sintra Project”, Ricardo Pinto Quinteto, FEWG, 2012 13.“Re-cooked Sessions”, Terrakota, Optimus Discos, 2012 14.“Salteado”, Tora Tora Big Band, JACC Records, 2012 15.“Intendente”, Orquestra Todos, Academia Produtores Culturais, Pontozurca, 2012 16. “Outeiro”, Luis Vicente Trio, JACC Records, 2012 17. “Movimento”, Aline Frazão, Ponto Zurca, 2013 18. “Caminhar”, João Pires, 2013 19. “Gazzi”, Guto Lucena, 2013 20. "Maloca", MoFrancesco Quintetto, 2013 Links: