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Buddy White Singer Of Love Songs

Music is in my blood!

About Me

Born and raised in Cambridge, MA.,worked my way up and down the east coast, took a hiatus when I married, then restarted my music after my wife passed away.I am mainly a balladeer,singer of love songs, but I like to swing a little, not rock, but swing a little.

My Jazz Story

I was first exposed to jazz late in life, (or so I thought), you see my parents were both singers so we had music in the home all the time. Some weekends my parents would come home with any and all sorts of musicians. As children we'd be awakened and couldn't go to bed until we sang a song, and those songs we sang were the old jazz and big band sounds, but we didn't realize that. After I tired of singing doo-wop, having to gather guys from here and there, I went out on my own as Buddy White.