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Allen Weber

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because it's fun to listen to, fun to play, and takes me on a mental trip so time stands still. I was first exposed to jazz when I was very young. in grammar school or maybe even before. The best show I ever attended was not really a jazz show. It was Earth Wind and Fire where David Copperfield had designed their stage set. The first jazz record I bought was too long ago to remember. My advice to new listeners is just relax and listen. REAL jazz will play on your emotions, it is full of improvisation. Some of the musicians play with humor, some serious, but each shows their personality. Be careful when listening to jazz, you will find a style of it and artists you really like, and you will not be able to go back to where you were musically. Don't be afraid of new harmonies, and dissonant sounding "jazz chords". Remember jazz did start as dance music.