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Emy Tseng

Bossa Nova and Jazz

About Me

Those seeking superlative jazz music must experience Emy Tseng, through her rejuvenated and incisive interpretations of authentic modern and Brazilian jazz, delightfully complemented by her elegant voice and delicate delivery. Collaborating with the finest Brazilian jazz musicians in Washington DC, Tseng showcases an exquisite fusion of the genre and eclectic arrangements of standards. With a tranquil and wistful performance, Tseng leaves an inimitable, personal impression on an exciting collection of tunes, exploring the works of Brazil’s most sophisticated composers. Performing in Portuguese and English, she thrives on her precise intonation and phrasing aboard her music's peacefully fashioned ambiance. Emy Tseng’s background in Brazilian music is extensively well-rounded, having studied with world- renowned Brazilian musicians: pianist Marcos Silva (Flora Purim & Airto) at the Jazz School in Berkeley, CA and bassist Nilson Matta (Trio da Paz, Joe Henderson) in New York. She had fallen in love with Brazilian jazz and bossa nova when she heard Brazilian singers such as Paula Morelenbaum and Luciana Souza. Tseng’s poetic vocal expression is now both longing and blissful, building upon Brazilian rhythms and melodies genuinely and vivaciously. Coming to Washington DC in 2009, Emy was pleasantly surprised to discover there was a very active Brazilian jazz community. By guiding and encouraging her to record and improve upon her show, she has now established herself as a foremost interpreter of modern and Brazilian jazz, performing alongside her bands of acoustic guitarists, bass players, and percussionists residing in the DC and NY areas. On her debut album, Sonho (meaning “Dream” in Portuguese), Tseng utilizes such excellent musicians as guitarist Matvei Sigalov, keyboardist Wayne Wilentz, Leonardo Lucini or David Jernigan on bass, drummer Alejandro Lucini, percussionists Bruno Lucini and Roberto Berimbau, and saxophonists Lyle Link and Andy Connell (who doubles on clarinet). Several works feature the Brazilian guitarist Rogerio Souza as well. The music ranges from traditional pieces with Souza, to modern Brazilian jazz with Sigalov, and a couple of jazz standards. As an organic and innovative album, Sonho has received critical acclaim in the jazz community as a freshly inspired and vibrant presentation of the genre. "...the result is an exquisite bossa nova portrait delivered by a talented artist with a marvelously understated, yet appropriately passionate approach to the robust material." - Nicholas F. Mondello - All About Jazz

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because it's creative and spontaneous. Hearing Paula Morelenbaum on the album Casa made me want to sing bossa nova.

My Favorites

  1. Morelenbaum2 Sakamoto - Casa and A Day in New York
  2. Chico Pinheiro - Meia-Noite, Meio-Dia
  3. Elis Regina and Antonia Carlos Jobim - Elis e Tom