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Lisa Hague-Crowe

About Me

LISA M. HAGUE-CROWE I'm a freelance entertainment writer. I currently reside in San Diego California. I attended California State University, Los Angeles from 1996-2000. My major was Broadcast Journalism. However my career for the last eight years (2003-2011) has been in Law Enforcement in San Diego, California. Prior to my law enforcement career, I worked for ten years in hospitality industry in Los Angeles, California in various capacities, which led to Sales & Marketing Manager, for several five star properties. But in 2012, I returned to both my journalism and entertainment roots, as writing is my passion and music and entertainment my inspiration. Needless to say, I enjoy interviewing, reviewing, and at times, introducing magical talent to the world through Entertainment Journalism! So far, my interviews and reviews have focused on the music scene and Jazz in particular. My passion for music began in childhood in Toledo, Ohio. I was raised by my Mother and Grandparents in a modernly furnished, yet small, two bedroom cottage style home, on the sunny side of the street, in a working class neighborhood on the north side of town. Often, my family would spin records enjoying their favorite tunes on our hi-tech stereo system, as they happily reminisced about the good ‘ol days of B-bop, Rhythm & Blues, Big Band era and Jazz. My Uncle, Melvin Oliver McGaughey loved Jazz! He performed at the famous Cotton Club in New York for many years, and when he would visit us he’d play jazz day and night on our piano. Uncle, loved to sing for us as well, our family enjoyed the “standards”. So, our home was fused with musical magnetism; that’s what I call it… Music was our calming medicine for relaxation, and it was that kind of affection and appreciation for music that endeared my spirit for a life time. Now, I was trotted off to voice, piano, and dance lessons in my adolescence, but my creative talents were often expressed through poetry, short stories and essays. My parents acknowledged my passion for writing by encouraging me to read, while quietly hoping that I’d become an entertainer like Uncle. But, over time, they eventually accepted that our shared enjoyment, love and appreciation for music were sufficient, and that I wouldn’t become the next great performing artist in the family. So, it’s absolutely wonderful, that I can atone and render my musical contribution while utilizing my writing talent in this manner, as I have a love and enthusiasm for entertainment overall and I appreciate all genres of music under (and outside) the jazz canopy. My most recent works are published in July/August 2012 issue of Smooth Jazz Magazine. I’m looking forward to contributing captivating, well written, entertainment news, interviews, concert reviews and whatever the future may have in store for an enriching news experience for our readers. Lisa M. Hague-Crowe Freelance Writer and Journalist