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christos mastrogiannidis

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Music Studies in KünstUniversität Graz, Austria Jazz Abteilung - Special student (1998 -2000) Jazz Piano with Professor Harald Neuwirth( Head of the Jazz Department) Certificate of Completion Berklee College of Music, Boston USA (1996) Degree Fugue Orchestration “Experimental Conservatory “- June 1995 Degree Counterpoint” Experimental Conservatory” - January 1994 Diploma Harmony “Experiment Conservatory” - June 1991 Degree in Singing ” Experiment Conservatory” - June 1988 Other Musical Knowledge : classical piano studies keyboards, Computer Music. Psychology of Performance –prof. Kenny Werner (1999) Arranging for big band –prof.Michael Abene(1999) Jazz Improvisation –prof.jarmo Savolainen (1999) Jazz Rhythm –prof. Erich Bachträgle (1999) Jazz Harmony & Arranging - Berklee College (1994-1996) Algorithmic Music - School IEMA .prof.Kostas Mosxos (1994) Principles of Song –prof. Andrea Leigh Work Experience Contemporary Artistic Director Department Conservatory 5/4 (1995 - 2008) Professor Jazz Piano Conservatory 5/4 (1995 - 2008) Conservatory Renaissance (1996 - 1998) Arranging - Songwriting at various studios Active participation in ensembles Rock, Jazz, Fussion Cooperation with Greeks and foreigners artists as Julie Massino, Peter Massink, Alkis Misirlis, George Kalafatis ,Sotiris Papadeas, Theodoris kouelis and many others. Responsible for organization ensembles in music scene 5/4live Specialization Courses Jazz Piano, Jazz Harmony & Theory Jazz History, Phrasing, Improvisation, Arranging Songwriting, Rhythmology, Ear training, orchestration for small ensembles & Big Bands.