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My Jazz Story

The first record of Ah.Hum starts from the music of Charles Mingus and drags it to present days, with all its noise and its contradictions.
"Meditation on NO Integration” ElGalloRojo 2012" explores the long reflection on Mingus's social integration, music, and the society in which he lived, that gains a' deafening resonance with the times we are going through.
The second record, "Hey, Wow !” AsimpleLunch, June 2015 follows a light composing but precise, starting from the trio that maintains a constant dialogue with other instruments, moves quickly and tries to across the chaos created by organizing it as a real building composed by pads of nature, shape and color different they seek, through dialogue, to organize themselves into a unpremeditated mosaic and give shape and space to the sound, without boundaries imposed by the flattening of today's making music.