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Dr. Jeff Monroe

About Me

I am a Jazz DJ, promoter (we are in our 5th year of Barletta Jazz), maniac by night. By day I am a doctor and try to help my patients with soothing-melodic Jazz music playing in my office. My Jazz epiphany came many years ago,after a friend had tried for many years to inculcate me into the world of jazz, upon listening to Freddie Hubbard's Ready for Freddie on 180 gm. vinyl on an all Linn stereo system at an audio show. I knew then,that I had to have that cd and many more!!

My Favorites

  1. Miles - @ the Blackhawk, Kind of Blue, The "IN" series
  2. Cannonball Adderley- Somethin' Else
  3. Bobby Watson - Love Remains
  4. Bill Evans - Everybody Digs Bill Evans
  5. Billy Holiday- Columbia Sessions
  6. Freddie Hubbard- Ready for Freddie
  7. John Coltrane- Giant Steps