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Jeff Gill

My Jazz Story

I am a lawyer and part-time musician (Sax) in Indianapolis; as well as a volunteer DJ at a local community radio station, WFHB in Bloomington, IN. Although perhaps subconsciously, most of my stylistic preferences involve the saxophone, I am a big fan jazz/rock fusion and guitar influenced music. I can attribute that, most probably, to the fact that I could only listen to a few "rock" stations growing up, and was an early fan of Led Zepplin, Kiss, Boston, The Eagles etc. Having been exposed to jazz through my father, and studying the subject through some awesome professors at Ball State University (Larry McWilliams and Frank Puzzullo), I am convinced that freely improvised music is the most interesting, incredible, and legitimate form of musical expression.

My Favorites

  1. Charlie Haden - The Art of the Song
  2. Chris Potter - This Will Be: The Jazzpar Prize
  3. Michael Brecker - Time is of the Essence