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Jovan Gojkovic

About Me

Born on October 4, 1986. in a city of Aleksinac, Serbia. My current residence is in a city of Nis, Serbia, where I moved on 2005. I am a Law School student, and a photographer. Solo exhibitions: “See The Music” – exhibition of jazz and rock photography, Aleksinac, 2010. and “Jazz Through The Lens” – exhibition of jazz photography, Novi Sad, 2011. Multiple group exhibitions in cities of: Niš, Novi Sad, Bečej, Požarevac (Serbia), Pljevlja, Kotor (Montenegro) and Budapest (Hungary) Prizes: Richard Ellis Urban Photographer Of The Year, 2010, hourly winner, EXIT Festival photo contest, 2010, 1st prize; HTC Quietly Brilliant photo contest, 2011, 1st prize; Novosadski Fotomaraton, Face Novi Sad contest, 2011, 2nd place; City Of Nis, 2011, 1st prize; Human Rights in Local Level, Metropolitan University photo contest, 2011, 1st prize.