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Russell Allen Taylor

Rusty's vocal acuity is only matched by his lack of pulchritude, his aesthetic impairment

About Me

Rusty broke his neck in a single-car accident in 1986 when he was 22 years old; graduated from Mercer University in 1991 with a BA in English and a Computer Science minor; worked as a computer programmer in corporate America for 16 years then was fired; recorded a CD of jazz vocals in 2010 and is preparing to record another. Life has been a mostly groovy ride.

My Favorites

  1. John Coltrane, Johnny Hartman - John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman
  2. Burton, Metheny, Corea, Haynes - Like Minds
  3. New York Voices - Sing the Songs of Paul Simon
  4. Various Artists - Windham Hill Sampler '82