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Joe Lang

Writer, Composer, Electric Guitarist.

About Me

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota Known Activities: Guitar (13+ Years), Writing, Dissidence Institutional Education: University of Wisconsin, Madison ('02-'03) University of Minnesota, Twin Cities ('03-'05) BA, Journalism Studied and/or Worked With: Nirmala Rajasekar, Kai Eckhardt (Garaj Mahal, John Mclaughlin), Oz Noy, Anindo Chatterjee, Peter Lang, Prasanna, Steve Coleman, Adam Rogers (Chris Potter, Norah Jones), Dave King (Happy Apple, The Bad Plus), Prakash Hariharan, Ramesh Misra, Ev Olcott (Halloween, Alaska) Known Projects: Carry the One, The Representation Bio: In his second decade of exploration of the guitar and the frontiers of the progressive musical horizon, Lang (accompanied by his fearless cohorts) traverses the barren wasteland of sonic banality in search of truth, justice and new forms of musical expression...or something like that.