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    David Burke began writing about music as a staffer on local newspapers in his native Ireland, before decamping to London in 1990. He spent six years working in print, audio and television as part of the World Entertainment News Network. His features appeared in the UK's red tops and international publications such as Esquire (Japan) and Pop Rocky (Germany). David is a regular contributor to R2 (formerly Rock'n'Reel) and Vintage Rock magazines, and author of four books– Crisis in the Community: The African Caribbean Experience of Mental Health (Chipmunka), Heart of Darkness: Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska (Cherry Red), A Sense of Wonder: Van Morrison's Ireland (Jawbone) and Singing Out: A Folk Narrative of Maddy Prior, June Tabor and Linda Thompson (Soundcheck).
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    Debbie Burke grew up in Brooklyn. She was raised on classical music but fell in love with jazz the first time she heard John Coltrane’s soulful rendition of “Once in a While.” In her early 20’s, she studied alto saxophone at The New School for Social Research in New York City. After meeting her husband and raising a family, Debbie returned to music and for many years played in a jazz band. When she moved to northeastern Pennsylvania she was excited to find a thriving jazz community. This became the inspiration for her first book, The Poconos in B Flat. In between rehearsals and concerts, Debbie has built a career in communications. She has worked in print production, advertising, marketing, the news media and magazine publishing. She has written hundreds of columns and articles, and was the editor of an award-winning business journal. She is currently the editor of a regional lifestyle publication in Northeast PA. Her second book, Glissando: A Story of Love, Lust and Jazz (Waldorf Publishing), will be released in July 2018. She is now working on her next book, a mystery about jazz in the American South at the turn of last century. She writes for the music education website Jamey Aebersold Jazz at
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    I knew I had the heart of a writer when I realized I was the only one not griping about my graduate dissertation, that I was actually enjoying the process, scared as hell but so into it that the risk of a harsh critique seemed worth putting my thoughts on paper. i have no musical training so depend on my ear and the feeling to tell me what is going on musically and whether I like it or not, am moved by it or maybe not moved today but could see it moving me tomorrow or the next day. If I had a do over in this life, I would play piano. I am interested in the potential of jazz as a unifying force and improvisation as a template we could all make use of from time to time. We often insist on thinking of things the same way over and over and hate the conclusion we come to - Einstein's definition of madness - why not change the way we think about stuff if hate the conclusions thrown up by the old way of thinking? I am female, born in the 60s and young at heart, in Jamaica. So how did I get into jazz growing up in the land of Marley and reggae? The Benny Goodman Story! I saw it multiple times on the lone tv channel we had back then in ancient days when I was a kid, and thought jazz was this noisy big band until I heard Louis Armstrong sing and realized jazz people sing too! Also, Marley my hero said "jazz is a complete music" and I wondered what he meant. My interest grew over time and became life long. I have lived in the Caribbean, North America and Europe and have seen that jazz is certainly a common denominator among nations and nationalities. One can always find a jazz club and other jazz fans whereever one goes, feel right at home. It is America's gift to the world. I am the author of A Jazzman's Tale, a book to be released on Amazon in July 2017.
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    Steve Bissinger is a Bay Area based guitarist active groups ranging from early jazz and swing to modern jazz, country rock, pop and gospel. He is also a sound designer and mixer for film and television, with credits including "House Of Cards", "Mindhunter", "Despicable Me", "3:10 To Yuma", "Transformers", and "Northern Exposure".
  • Kana Miyamoto
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    Education: Mike Conrad is a composer, improviser, and teacher from Iowa. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Jazz Composition and Arranging from the Eastman School of Music, where he studied with Bill Dobbins and played lead trombone in the Eastman Jazz Ensemble. Before that, he graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with Bachelor's degrees in Music Education: Jazz Studies and Music Composition and Theory. At UNI Conrad studied primarily with Dr. Chris Buckholz, Dr. Bob Washut, and Prof. Chris Merz. He is currently working as a teaching assistant at the University of Northern Colorado while pursuing his Doctorate in Jazz Studies. Composition/Arranging: Conrad has been recognized for his arranging and composing with four ASCAP Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composer Awards and five Downbeat Student Music Awards, as well as 1st prize awards from the American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers and Ithaca College’s Jazz Composition Contest. He has been commissioned by several organizations such as the West Point Army Jazz Knights, Excelsior Charter Schools, and the New York Youth Symphony Jazz Band. His string quartet version of The Genesee was performed as part of Barack Obama’s Inauguration in Washington, D.C. in January 2013. More recently, Conrad was invited to Trossingen, Germany for the premiere of a piece he wrote for the BuJazzO’s 2016 Jazz Composition Contest. He has enjoyed composing for and recording with some amazing ensembles (especially COLOSSUS), and is currently writing for a unique 15-piece group called the All Angles Orchestra. Teaching: In addition to teaching private trombone, piano, and composition students, Mike Conrad enjoys directing jazz ensembles at the University of Northern Colorado, teaching at several different music camps, and working with high school jazz bands from around the country in clinics and at festivals. He has been on the jazz faculty at the University of Iowa's Jazz Camp, the University of Northern Iowa Jazz Combo Camp, and the Rockport Jazz Camp in Massachusetts. While teaching Jazz Improvisation For Non-Jazz Majors at the Eastman School of Music, Conrad also worked as the piano/keyboards instructor at the Rochester Contemporary Music School, and as a jazz trombone/jazz piano/jazz theory teacher at the Eastman Community Music School, from whom he received the Jack L. Frank Award for Excellence in Teaching. Performance: Equally accomplished on trombone and piano, Conrad has performed all over the world with a wide variety of groups. He has toured the Midwest as the pianist in Chris Merz’s quartet, and has toured China as the lead trombonist with UNC Jazz Lab Band I. His jazz festival appearances include the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival, the UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival, the Iowa City Jazz Festival, the Twin Cites Jazz Festival, and the Riverfront Jazz Festival in Steven’s Point, WI. One of his most memorable experiences was performing six concerts of the Music of Gil Evans at the 2012 Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia, Italy. He has also been a part of so many great recordings, and is excited to be featured on several new releases within the last year (“Where the Paths Meet,” Chris Merz; “Infância," Cassio Vianna; “On the Mountaintop,” Louis Hayes; and the “Romeo and Juliet Project,” UNC Jazz Lab Band I.) Conrad truly loves collaborating with other musicians, and always brings his creativity and expressiveness to each performance.
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    Sammy Morales Bassist/Educator/Composer Born in Bronx, NY, but established in Puerto Rico since childhood, Sammy Morales is not just one of the best bassists in the scene of Jazz in Puerto Rico, but also a teacher, mentor of young musicians and manager of musical events. Morales has worked with a variety of artists such as Danny Rivera, Wilkins, Glen Monroig, Lourdes Robles, Luis Angel, Sophy, Project M, Rene Farrait, Los Andinos, H2O, Willie Colon, Fusion Jonda, Debora Brum, and Caribe Gitano, among others. In the Puerto Rican jazz scene he has played with Piccolo Bass Trio, Project Evif, Angel David Mattos, Franky Suarez, Brenda Hopkins, Edgar Abraham, Humberto Ramirez, Jorge Laboy, David Sanchez, Luis "Perico" Ortiz, Ivan Maraver, Mike Arroyo, Jimmy Rivera, Danilo Perez and Amuni Nacer, among others. The bassist is the director of both the Repertory Theater and the Jazz Workshop of the University of Puerto Rico. He also teaches at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico as instructor and bass guitar. His most recent project is SM Quintet, which focuses on his own compositions, comprising elements of jazz, tango and other influences. It's a very melodic, impossible to pigeonhole music that responds only to the musical creativity of Morales and his band and not to categories and preset schemes.
  • Robert Carmack

    Jazz poet, and musician Educ. BA Theater Arts/Communications MFA Theater: Directing & Production Ezine:
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  • Saratoga Performing Arts Center
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    Having his Bachelor’s degree in theatre, and his Master’s in Media Studies, Roger’s writing includes theatrical works as well as pieces of music and cultural criticism. He has contributed to several websites including The Huffington Post, JamBase, and The Waster, while maintaining own blog. Roger prefers staples to paperclips, vinyl to CDs, Moogs to ARPs, Coke to Pepsi, Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke, Star Wars to Star Trek, The Who to The Stones, and writing letters to making phone calls.
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  • James campbell

    Been listening for 60 years
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    Jack McCarthy is a music historian who regularly writes, lectures, and gives walking tours on Philadelphia music history. A certified archivist, he is currently directing a project for the Historical Society of Pennsylvania focusing on the archival collections of the region's many small historical repositories. He has served as consulting archivist for the Philadelphia Orchestra and the 2014 radio documentary Going Black: The Legacy of Philly Soul Radio and gave several presentations and helped produce the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's 2016 Philadelphia music series "Memories & Melodies."
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    HR consultant and fan of jazz and other music and art forms
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    As one of the most well respected American art forms, jazz has shaped the music industry spawning both the careers of various musical geniuses, and an abundance of elemental new music genres. Jazz was developed in the late 19th century and early 20th century as American and European classical music was mixed with African and slave folk songs. These songs were played to a syncopated rhythm, and from this emerged ragtime, then Dixieland and subsequently Big Band, what many consider to be the beginning of modern jazz. There is obvious West African influence, visible in terms of how the music is written and played; swing rhythm, polyrhythm, improvisation and syncopation are all prominent examples which are almost exclusively characteristics of jazz music. Over the course of the 20th century, this art form has been changing drastically as new artists bring on new influence and new sound. Dixieland became big-band, which became be-bop, which became fusion, Latin and free jazz, which, in turn, established their own separate styles like funk, acid-jazz, hard-bop, smooth jazz, cool jazz, etc. The musicians behind this ever growing phenomena are recognized as some of the best musicians of all time.
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    I am a composer, arranger, conductor, double bass player, producer and educator. I studied composition at the Milano Conservatory with Franco Donatoni, electronic composition, attended jazz classes with Giorgio Gaslini and took a Specialist Certificate of Jazz Arranging at the Berklee College of Boston MA (USA), where I was awarded the “Herbie Hancock Celebrity Scholarship”.  In 2015 I founded my own Angiolo Tarocchi Jazz Orchestra, a large jazz ensemble focused on contemporary jazz. I founded the Jazz Chromatic Ensemble in 1989 of which he has been part as a composer, arranger and conductor ever since. I worked in the classic environment too with numerous chamber music ensembles that have commissioned compositions and arrangements of 20th century music performed in Italy and abroad. I also collaborated with the Teatro alla Scala of Milano.  As a double bass player I have been studying with Enrico Fagone (principal of the of the Lugano Italian Swiss Orchestra) and presently I am first double bass of the World Doctors Orchestra, in which I perform in some of the best concert halls around the world, among others the Berlin Phil, Severance Hall, Beijing Opera House.  Presently i am a teaching professor in Jazz Arranging at the Conservatory of Piacenza, Italy.
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    Riccardo Brazzale (Thiene, VI - 1960) è nel jazz come musicista, studioso, didatta e organizzatore. Dopo gli studi classici e jazz (Istituto Nazionale Studi sul Jazz di Parma e Corsi di jazz al Conservatorio di Milano), si laurea al Dipartimento Musica dell’Università di Bologna con il massimo e la lode, discutendo una tesi sulla vita e le opere di Lennie Tristano (successivamente edita da Nuovi Equilibri, Roma). Dall’86 intraprende una carriera da musicista professionista, agli inizi collaborando professionalmente con Claudio Fasoli. Tre anni dopo, nel 1989, fonda la Lydian Sound Orchestra, una formazione ispirata all'organico della storica "Tuba Band" di Miles Davis (e poi alla Monk Town Hall Band e alla Mingus Black Saint Band), ma rivitalizzata da un approccio estetico contemporaneo, in cui non mancano riferimenti tanto alla tradizione jazz quanto alla scrittura eurocolta, sempre tuttavia secondo lo spirito live del work-in-progress. Dall’89 a oggi, in vent’anni di attività, la “Lydian” si è esibita nei contesti più diversi (non solo jazz, ma anche rassegne di musica classica, meeting letterari, stagioni teatrali e di balletto), in Italia e in Europa, da Umbria Jazz a Manchester, da Torino a Nis, è stata registrata più volte da Radio Rai e trasmessa da varie radio nazionali e internazionali. Fra i diversi documenti discografici di Brazzale con la LSO, vanno ricordati almeno alcuni cd: "Melodious Thunk" dell'esordio discografico (1993, Totem Records; distribuz. IRD); l'inedita suite ellingtoniana "Timon of Athens" (1995, Flex Records; distribuz. IRD); "Bukowski Blues" per organici diversi e ridotti (1999, Azzurra Music); l’antologico “The Art of Arranging” (Agorà/Azzurra); i due per l'etichetta Abeat: "Monk at Town Hall & More" (2002, ristampato 2011) e "Azurka" (2003, entrambi distribuiti IRD); quindi gli ultimi per AlmaRecords: “Back to Da Capo” (2006), “Live in Appleby” (2008), “The Lydian Trip” (2009), “Ruby, Nellie & Nica” (2012), oltre a “Reflections”, allegato al n. 10/2012 della rivista “Musica Jazz”. Sono in preparazione “Music for Lonely Souls (Beloved by Nature)” e “We Resist: Sounds, Rhythms & Freedom”. Dei vari progetti, oltre alle riletture monkiane, fra i più riusciti si ricordano molte rivisitazioni ellingtoniane ("Such Sweet Thunder" e "Second Sacred Concert", oltre allo stesso “Timon of Athens”) e ora - presentata in prima assoluta live al Mart di Rovereto nel 2014 - “The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady” di Charles Mingus, con la partecipazione della compagnia di danza Abbondanza/Bertoni. Negli ultimi anni se, secondo i referendum delle riviste specializzate, la Lydian Sound Orchestra è da considerarsi costantemente nella Top Ten dei gruppi più significativi del jazz italiano, Brazzale è stato votato compositore-arrangiatore dell’anno per il 2008e, successivamente, più volte fra i premiati. Con Riccardo Brazzale e con la Lydian suonano alcuni fra i migliori musicisti attivi in Italia (Bonisolo, Cigalini, Emili, Sigurtà, Carollo, Rossi, Benedetti, Birro, Abrams, Beggio) ma hanno comunque lavorato alcuni fra i maggiori musicisti italiani di jazz (Rava, D’Andrea, Trovesi, Fresu, Fasoli, Intra, Tonolo, Bosso, Boltro, Mirabassi, oltre alla cantante pop Rossana Casale), oltre a molti importanti ospiti stranieri: Palle Danielsson, Manfred Schoff, Kenny Wheeler, Ralph Towner, Paul Motian, Terrell Stafford, Charles McPherson, Julian Arguelles, Dave Liebman, Don Moye, la Mingus Dynasty, David Murray. Al lavoro con la LSO, Brazzale ha affiancato una diversificata attivita' non solo come musicista (da anni direttore ospite, ad esempio, della Civica Big Band di Milano). Gia' autore di numerosi saggi su periodici di settore (“Musica Jazz”, “Jazzit”, “Nerosubianco”, “AllAboutJazz”) e cronache musicali su quotidiani (soprattutto “Il Giornale di Vicenza” “L’Arena”), ha curato le edizioni italiane del fortunato volume di racconti "Natura morta con custodia di sax" di Geoff Dyer e dell'enciclopedico "Jazz" di John Fordham. Con Franco Fayenz ha firmato un prezioso volume su Lennie Tristano, per la collana New Jazz People edita da Nuovi Equilibri di Roma. È inoltre autore di un curioso diario americano dal titolo in anglo-veneto "Xè pi isy draivare'l caro" ("E' più facile andare in macchina”, Agorà Factory, 3a ediz. 2011). È direttore dell'Istituto Musicale Veneto "Città di Thiene", dove insegna armonia e cultura musicale generale, ed è titolare dei corsi di Storia di Jazz e delle Musiche Afroamericane nei Conservatori di Vicenza e Castlfranco. Già co-fondatore dell’associazione I-Jazz di Firenze e dell’etichetta discografica Almar, è responsabile per il Comune di Vicenza della programmazione musicale e delle attività editoriali, oltre che, in particolar modo, dei progetti per il Teatro Olimpico. È direttore artistico del festival “New Conversations-Vicenza Jazz” da lui stesso fondato nel 1996.
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    Tom Haines is a UK-based composer and musician specialising in original Jazz composition, bespoke composition and sound design for Dance & Media, and music performance (drums, cajon, keyboards, melodica). A multi-award-winning Jazz Composer / Arranger, Tom won the 4th Annual European Big Band Composer Competition with his work 'Elegantly Ella' (2017), the 28th Barga Jazz Composition Award for his work 'Yitzoid' (2015), the inaugural ‘Eddie Harvey Jazz Arranging Award’ (2014) for his work ‘Mystery Dog (Mr E Dog)’, whilst ‘Whistleblower’ landed him the prestigious accolades of the ‘Duvel Jazz Award’ as well as the ‘Bose Audience Prize’ at the Brussels Jazz Orchestra International Composition Contest (2013). His debut album 'Tom Haines - The Birmingham Jazz Orchestra - Live' in released on 2nd June 2017. Tom has also had works performed by Fukuda-Gumi (Japan), The El Camino College Jazz Orchestra (USA), The Pagsberg Big Band & The Vocals (Denmark), Barga Jazz Orchestra (Italy), the National Youth Jazz Orchestra (UK), Brussels Jazz Orchestra (Belgium), Walsall Jazz Orchestra (UK).
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    The music is the result of a partially anarchic mindset to the music. The idea is not to create total chaos, but to liberate us from norms and rules, creating music in immediacy and meet the music that arises spontaneously. "Free assignment orderly". The Dark Side started as a DIY project that was recorded in Copenhagen in March 2016, with several musicians from Zetzum Zorglub and Onkel Ond (Uncle Evil) where the composer behind The Dark Side (Kaare Bjerke) also helps. "Out of the Dark Side" contains eight tracks recorded on a total of 8 hours and thus laid the foundations for the unpolished recording. The 8 compositions have thus been a number of guidelines to free interpretation of the orchestra.
  • Norman Madonsela

    Born and raised in the small town of Brakpan, a very jazz oriented family in the township.
  • Peter Karlsson
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    Markus plays and composes music from his home base in Chicago, Illinois where he also performs with modern jazz groups, funk bands, Latin jazz bands and pit orchestras for musical theater. Since 2012 Markus has released two recordings featuring original compositions. On each Markus is joined by great Chicago talent: drummer Isaiah Spencer, guitarist Scott Hesse, pianist Dennis Luxion, and saxophonist Chris Madsen. Second Impression the most recent release also features a collaboration with saxophonist Brice Winston from the Terence Blanchard Band. It's Cooler By the Lake (2012) features the tunes Figure 8 and The Neutral Ground which have become local favorites of musicians in performances at Chicago jazz clubs such as The Jazz Showcase and Andy's Jazz Club. Born in the Chicago area, Markus moved with his family to Colorado and then to Marshfield, Wisconsin where his innate musical talent was nurtured and refined by professor Robert Biederwolf at the University of Wisconsin – Marshfield. At age 14 Markus discovered the recording Kind of Blue by Miles Davis and was introduced to small group jazz. Without question, this became a major influence on conception, and Miles an early influence. In time others also become major influences on his present style of playing - Louis Armstrong, Fats Navarro, Clifford Brown, Art Farmer and Lee Morgan. Markus' formal education began at the University of Wisconsin – Madison where bassist Richard Davis and trumpet professor John Aley integrated lessons in the arts, history, society into the world music and performance. Seeing music in those extended contexts became lifelong valued lessons. It also brought into focus Markus' true passion — Jazz. Markus left Wisconsin to follow that passion in New Orleans where he where he lived and studied for almost five years. At the University of New Orleans he learned from professors Ellis Marsalis, Harold Battiste and Victor Goines. Playing, learning and living alongside of now, long-term friends Brice Winston, Christopher Thomas, Brian Blade, Antoine Drye, David Morgan, Nicholas Payton and Delfeayo Marsalis, Markus embraced the music and culture of the Crescent City, integrating it into his own style. Markus has since returned to Chicago and made it his hometown. His latest compositions celebrate the Midwest, rural and urban, with its own long and renowned jazz history.
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    Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Saxophonist Jordon Dixon grew up in a very musical family. He started his musical path at the age of 12. By the age of 15 he was sitting in at Local bars and clubs, while continuously honing his raw talent. In the summer of 2002 at the age of 19, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as a Marine Musician. After 11 years of honorable service to the nation, he moved to the Washington D.C. area to play and study music with some of the best musicians and instructors on the planet, and here is where he currently resides. Jordon Dixon has played with some of the finest musicians in the world, but continues to stay hungry, humble and disciplined in his musical quest. As a member of “The Few, The Proud, The Marines,” Jordan Dixon of the University of the District of Columbia Jazz Ensemble has already made waves. With his debut CD “A Conversation among Friends,” the tenor saxophonist has served notice he is a musician and composer deserving wider recognition. Allyn Johnson, director of jazz studies at the University of the District of Columbia, is the pianist on the CD along with bandmates Steve Novosel, bass, Nasar Abadey, drums, and J.S. Williams, trumpet. Highlights include Dixon’s bold, raw, bluesy tenor sax riffs on tunes like “Wayward Warrior,” an intriguing lilting jam spurred by Johnson’s rippling runs and Abadey’s splashing drum work. “Hospital Honors” rips and roars with Dixon’s spearing sax lines, and “What You’ve Done for Me (A Ballad for Mr. Gulley)” is in the best of the sax man’s ballad tradition. ​ Steve Monroe of ​Link: 40 "Jordon Dixon brings a level of soul to his music that is rarely seen in a player his age. You can hear it in his sound and feel it as a listener.” Jordy Freed of DL Media Music ​ “Dixon’s tenor saxophone has a low, dark-hued tone- like the sound of stout- but has a pungent center that’s revealed gradually in his solos, as he breaks down the structure of the song he’s improvising on.” ​ Michael J. West, Jazz Critic of the Washington City Paper ​
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    Daniel Barbiero (1958, New Haven CT) is a double bassist, sound artist and composer in the Washington DC area. He has released work under his own name and with electronics artist/bassist Cristiano Bocci; percussionist/electronics artist Massimo Discepoli, If, Bwana (Al Margolis); Ictus Records percussionist Andrea Centazzo; Blue Note recording artist Greg Osby; and electronic composer/sound artist Steve Hilmy among others. He frequently works with improvisational dancers and served as Musical Director for the Nancy Havlik Dancer Performance Group. In addition to his solo work he has presented new works with The Subtle Body Transmission Orchestra and the Lower Mid-Atlantic Improvisers’ Orchestra. His writings on music appear in Avant Music News, Percorsi Musicali, Perfect Sound Forever, Arteidolia and other online publications, and he served as an editor of the online arts journal Bourgeon.
  • elina simao
  • thomas coppola
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    José Salgueiro got some notability as a percussionist in the Portuguese Popular Music scene. He is percussionist and drummer of projects like Trovante, Resistência, Lokomotiv by Carlos Barretto and El Fad by José Peixoto. José Salgueiro having played with famous national musicians, namely Sérgio Godinho, José Mário Branco, Rui Veloso , Zeca Afonso, Pedro Burmester and Camané. He performed several times abroad, together with Gaiteiros de Lisboa, Bernardo Sassetti, Carlos Barretto, João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Paulo Ribeiro, António Pinho Vargas, Perico Sumbeat, Carlos Martins, Carlos Bica, José Peixoto, Carlos Zíngaro e de Maria João & Mário Laginha. After studying Improvisation Theory (drums and trumpet) at “Tallers de Musics” in Barcelona, he would attend some training programmes with distinguished drummers, such as Max Roach, Billy Hart, Ron Maclure, David Liebman, Richard Beiracha and Paulo Motian. He joined the Wayne Shorter’s Quintet, in a concert at Coliseu do Porto (Oporto Coliseum), included in “Porto 2001” jazz program. José Salgueiro is one of the founders of the project “Tim Tim Por Tim Tum” and creator of the show “Adufe”, that has been touring throughout the country and abroad. José Salgueiro is a producer of several musical works, covering diverse areas such as pop, jazz, traditional music, children's and theater compositions. “Transporte Colectivo”, José Salgueiro’s first originals jazz record, was released this April
  • Ross Nixon
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    Download High Quality Brass Quintet, Trombone, Quartet, Trumpet, Ensemble, French Horn, Tuba, and Euphonium sheet music in PDF format.
  • Jonathan Mikulich

    My name is Jonathan Barrera Mikulich. I live and work in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I play the saxophone and am currently a member of an alt.Latino band named Cabildo ( I am very much interested in many different genres of music but have an affinity toward music that is part of the jazz tradition; improvisational, inspirational, and without boundaries.
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  • Jean-Francois Kalka
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    Hailed as an "irrepressibly tuneful composer" by New York Music Daily/Lucid Culture, composer PERI MAUER has written works for solo instruments, chamber music ensembles, orchestra, and theater. A native New Yorker, she holds degrees from Manhattan School of Music and Bard College, and is a graduate of the High School of Music and Art. Her music has received performances in Women Composers Festival of Hartford, Bargemusic's Here and Now Winter and Labor Day Festivals, New York Composers Circle Concerts of New Music at Symphony Space, LeFrak Performing Arts Center, St. Peter's Church and St. Mark's Church, Music With A View Festival at the Flea Theater for which she also served as cellist and conductor, Composers Concordance Composers Play Composers Festival, Gamper Festival of Contemporary Music in Bowdoin, ME, NYU Composers Forum, among others. Her commissioned orchestral work All Along the Heights was recently premiered by the Jackson Heights Orchestra to critical acclaim. A recipient of ASCAP Plus Awards, she is honored to have been awarded a grant from New Music USA for the premiere of her orchestral work Illuminations of the Night by the New York Repertory Orchestra and Life on Earth for chamber ensemble for Music With a View. She also recently received a commission from the Music Department of Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts to compose a piece for the LaGuardia Junior Band, resulting in her symphonic band work Red Sky. Other recent premieres include A Little New Year's Flair performed by Blair McMillan in Bargemusic's Here and Now Winter Festival, At Home With Allen Ginsberg: Five Songs for Baritone & Piano performed by baritone Daniel Neer and pianist Christopher Berg, Trumpet Trio, premiered in Music From Good Shepherd Concert Series, the revised version of her flute, harp, marimba trio Pixeliance performed at Vassar College in harpist Ashley Jackson's Electric Lady concert series, her string quartet Shadow Lake premiered by the Klang Quartet at St. Peter's Church, and an encore performance of the solo trumpet version of Red Sky at the Women Composers Festival of Hartford earlier this month. She was honored to be a featured composer in the 2017 Composers Now Festival which took place during the month of February 2017. Scholastic awards include a National Collegiate Music Prize and membership into Pi Kappa Lambda, the National Honor Society of Music. Also a professional cellist, Ms. Mauer has worked with such groups as American Symphony Orchestra, Encompass New Opera Theater, Radio City Music Hall Orchestra, Darmstadt Ensemble, Orchestra of St. Peter by the Sea, NYU Contemporary Players, American Chamber Opera, Gateway Classical Music Society, The Chelsea Symphony, Playwrights Horizons, New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players, among many others, and can be seen playing her cello in the Golden Globe and Emmy winning Amazon Prime TV series Mozart in the Jungle. Edit
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    Once in while we experience the oncoming of an artist that in all respects seems to be ahead of his time. The depth of this kind of artistry on every level is more than evident on the debut Release of Senegalese Bassist Cheikh Ndoye. The well-known term “Young Lion”, seemingly has reached even greater heights as of late by collaborating with such world-renowned artist as Baaba Maal, breaking incredible ground musically at such a young age. Early in his life Cheikh played the piano, and was attracted to many jazz greats. His love for Jazz put him on a historical path of investigation into this genre, again at quite an early age. After listening to Weather Report‘s 8:30 album, he was so captivated by Jaco Pastorius melodic and harmonic developments that he immediately fell in love with the bass guitar. He has played and recorded with great artists such as Russell Ferrante, Dave Weckl, Eric Marienthal, Karen Briggs, Tizer, Kazumi Watanabe, Dean Brown, Arshak Sirunyan and Randy Brecker a number of whom appeared on his first CD, an album entitled “A Child’s Tale”. There’s no doubt that Cheikh will be added to this prestigious and very short list of inspired artists.
  • Simon Slymon
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    Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Marcio Garcia began his musical studies at age seven at the Centro de Educación Musical Moderna in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and at the Conservatorio Nacional de Musica. Garcia holds a BM in Classical Piano Performance from the Lamont School of Music, University of Denver under the instruction of David Genova, a MM in Jazz Performance under Eric Gunnison and an AD in Jazz Studies from SUNY Purchase conservatory, studying with Kevin Hays and David Hazeltine. Garcia also studied classical piano in Vienna, Austria as part of the Cherrington Global Scholars Study Abroad Program Garcia has performed at the Stanford Jazz Institute, the 2016 Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival, Five Points Jazz Festival, at Blue Note NYC, The Bitter End, Birdland and the Dazzle Jazz Club in Denver. He's also performed with DEVO co- founder Mark Mothersbaugh for the original project "Myopia", and has performed live at the KUVO 89.3 studios in Denver, as well as WBGO Jazz 88.3 Studios NYC. As a keyboardist, Marcio has performed with salsa ensemble “Los Lunaticos” , and with Viktor Kiraly (NBC The Voice 2015 - Top 24) . Garcia has received multiple awards including Recital of Distinction awards for his Senior Classical Piano recital and Jazz Graduate Recital at the Lamont School of Music, a Special Citation for Outstanding Musicianship at the 44th Annual UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival, 1st place in the 2015 Lamont School of Music Jazz Solo Honors Competition, and 1st place in the 2015 Lamont School of Music Jazz Honors Chamber Competition. Garcia currently resides in New York City.
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    Nasce a Carbonia nel 1983, periferia estrema dell’Impero. Il 1997 è il vero spartiacque della sua vita: in piena quinta ginnasio e nel bel mezzo del suo periodo prog il fratello maggiore, che lo aveva svezzato a mazzate e cassette al cromo, gli regala Angel and Daemons at Play dei Motorpsycho e Goodbye and Hello di Tim Buckley. Da quel momento niente sarà più lo stesso. Comincia ad occuparsi di musica “scritta” a diciannove anni, quando con un manipolo di squattrinati peones da vita alla redazione de “Il Cavo”. Scrive sei recensioni e dopo due numeri zero il giornale chiude. Segnali evidenti che il nostro giustamente ignora e galvanizzato dalla prospettiva di diventare ricco decide di trasformare questa sua passione in una professione. Si iscrive al DAMS di Bologna dove ha la possibilità di studiare con Totem come Giampiero Cane e Piero Pieri e consegue una laurea in Musicologia e Organizzazione Musicale con una Tesi in Economia dello Spettacolo dal titolo “Organizzare Eventi Musicali in Sardegna: l’esempio del Sant’Anna Arresi Jazz”. Dal 2006 lavora nel Festival “Ai Confini Tra Sardegna e Jazz” nel quale ricopre il ruolo di responsabile tecnico e dove ha i primi contatti con le avanguardie Free di Chicago, con il radicalismo della scuola di New York e con la brutalità della scuola Nord europea. Continua intanto a scrivere in giro per la rete: Dedication, Miusika, The Breakfast Jumpers, Osservatori Esterni, Toylet Magazine fino a quando non si accasa definitivamente nel 2009 su Mumble: dove si occupa della rubrica musicale. Dal 2012 al 2016 scrive su SENTIREASCOLTARE e dal 2014 collabora con Rockerilla, su cui si occupa di recensioni e monografiche. Dal 2017 è anche su Humans Vs Robots. Adora i Black Sabbath quanto la Motown, impazzisce per Todd Rundgren e si commuove con i Big Star.
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    Bill Troiano received his Bachelor of Music Education (BM) degree from the State University of New York at Fredonia in 1973 and a Master of Tuba Performance and Brass Literature (MM) degree from The Eastman School of Music in 1974. Mr. Troiano retired from the Connetquot School District where he taught middle school/junior high instrumental music from 1980-2007, including concert band, jazz ensemble and lessons. As a guest conductor, Mr. Troiano has conducted various regional honors bands on Long Island and he was a guest conductor of the Huntington Community Band. He has also been an adjunct instructor of tuba and euphonium at C.W. Post College, Queens College, Suffolk Community College and Five Towns College. Before moving to Texas, he also taught all low brass instruments at Chaminade High School. From 1998-2003, Mr. Troiano was the Music Director of the Students Of Music Brass Ensemble, Inc. This ensemble, comprised of outstanding high school brass musicians from Long Island, performed at Shea Stadium, SUNY Potsdam, the Special Olympics, Lincoln Center, West Point and at various schools, churches, and libraries on Long Island. Mr. Troiano chaired the SCMEA, DAY OF TUBA AND EUPHONIUM for 32 years, up until he moved to Texas. He was an area coordinator for the New York City Tuba Christmas at Rockefeller Center and he served as chairman of the tuba solo and ensemble section of the New York State, NYSSMA Contest Manual. In 1996, Indiana Press published an international reference book titled The Tuba Source Book. Mr. Troiano completed work as the author of the chapter, Recommended Basic Repertoire For The High School Tuba Student. As a tubist, Mr. Troiano was a member of the Guy Lombardo Orchestra from 1976-78 where he toured with the band, played New Years Eve shows at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC and played musicals at the Jones Beach Theater. With that band, he also played at former President Jimmy Carter’s Innaugural Ball. Mr. Troiano also performed with Dr. Harvey Phillips, the late, renowned tuba virtuoso, in Carnegie Hall and at the Mozart Festival in Vermont. As a free-lance tubist, Mr. Troiano has performed with virtually every professional ensemble on Long Island and he was a regular member of the Atlantic Wind Symphony, the Old Bethpage Village Restoration Brass Band and the Long Island Tuba Quartet. Since moving to Texas at the end of 2012, Mr. Troiano has been playing with the Cedar Park Winds, and other area ensembles. He also performs traditional jazz (Dixieland) with various Austin bands, but mostly with La Grosse Tete. He has also adjudicated at local solo festivals and regional band audtions.
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    Möbius Strip is the name of a young Italian progressive jazz-rock band, made of Lorenzo Cellupica (keyboards), Nico Fabrizi (saxophone & flute), Eros Capoccitti (bass) and Davide Rufo (drums). They got their inspiration in the object of the same name: since a Möbius strip geometrically connects the two sides of the same surface by starting a path on one of them, this also became the purpose of the musicians, to combine different styles and influences. The result is to be heard on MÖBIUS STRIP's self-titled album, published in the year 2017 on the Musea Parallèle label. Here are five long tracks full of freshness and inventivity, completed by the short composition "Call It A Day". To be discovered! The song "Möbius Strip" was the "All About Jazz Download of the Day" by the American website "All About Jazz", on the 13th of April ( and is in second place in All About Jazz Top 10 MP3 Downloads of April ( downloads-april-2017.php?width=1024). The song "Möbius Strip" was the "All About Jazz Download of the Day" on the American website "All About Jazz", on the 13th of April ( and is in second place in All About Jazz Top 10 MP3 Downloads of April ( downloads-april-2017.php?width=1024). The album "Möbius Strip" has been chosen: - by the French label "Musea Records" for April's "Selection Of The Month", as one of the three favourite albums of the month (; - by the Canadian musical blog ProGGnosis as a candidate for the best fusion-jazz album of 2017 (; - by the Italian musical blog Jazz in Family as the "Album della settima" ("Album of the week") in June 2017 ( Reviews of our album have been written on: - All About Jazz ( mobius-strip-musea-records-review-by-roger-farbey.php? width=1024); - ProGGnosis - Progressive Rock & Fusion (; - ProgVisions (; - B in Rome ( strip-e-la-nuova-fusion/); - Musikreviews ( Strip/Moebius-Strip/); - Rock progresivo en español - Portal Esquizofrenia ( mobius-strip-2017/2017/06/); - Autopoietican - Apuntes de Musica Progresiva Contemporanea ( impresiones-de-un.html); - Progrocks (; - Sora e dintorni ( strip-esordiscono-musicalmente-con-un-cd-che-porta-il-loro-stesso- nome/); - Corriere dello Spettacolo ( mobius-strip-al-primo-album-jazz-rock/); - Tuttorock ( mobius-strip). Tracks from the album "Möbius Strip" have been broadcast by the radios: - Progzilla Radio (; - KPTZ 91.9 FM Radio Port Townsend (; - Surrey Hills Community Radio (; - TNGC Radio (; - Radio Floyd (; - Art District Radio (; - Radio Power ( device=desktop); - Radio Vertigo One (; - Prog Palace Radio (; - Radio città Aperta (; - Radio Mach 5 (; - Radio Eco Sud (; - Radio Collective Waste (; - RCB Radio per passione (; - RCA Divina FM (; - RMA The family radio (; - Radio Studio 2 (; - Radio FlorLevante (; - Radio Catanzaro Centro (; - Radio Punto Zero (; - RadioPlayTime (; - WebRadioStation (; - Atom Radio ( Follow us also on: - Facebook ( 852838018070780/?fref=nf); - YouTube (; - Spotify ( play=true&; - SoundCloud (; - Bandcamp ( - All About Jazz ( url=mobiusstrip&width=1024); - Progstreaming ( 05-08-08+-+Mobius+Strip+-+Mobius+Strip); - Conad Jazz Contest (; - Rockit ( Buy our album (CD) on: - Bandcamp (; - Musea Records ( ficheprod=1&artiste=MÖBIUS+STRIP&refp=42509); - Fnac ( CD-album?omnsearchpos=3); - Amazon (öbius-Strip-MÖBIUS- STRIP/dp/B06XWL9QNS/ref=tmm_acd_swatch_0? _encoding=UTF8&qid=1490879985&sr=1-1); - Ebay ( SEALED-MUSEA-CHAMPIONED-ITALIAN-PROG-/361973382656); - CD and LP ( strip/cd/r1135283843/); - Caerllysi Music (; - Kareco (; - Da Nordovest ( Buy our album (digital) on: - Bandcamp (; - iTunes (öbius-strip/id1220881289? l=en); - Amazon (öbius- Strip/dp/B06XX3DF7G/ref=sr_1_1_twi_mus_2? s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1490879985&sr=1- 1&keywords=mobius+strip).

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