Leon P. Sealey

Photographer of jazz, jazz artists and jazz artistry

About Me

(Google: “Sealey2k” ) I'm a product of the legendary “Jamaica Funk” music wave that originated in Jamaica, Queens (NY) back in the early 1970's when funk, contemporary jazz, rock and R&B fused to become a unique alternative to the Motown and Beatles sounds we heard so much on the radio. Our music was at the cutting edge of jazz. As part of a hot, dynamic four piece horn section supported by a strong rhythm and vocal section, I learned there's more to jazz than what meets the ear. Visualizing the many moods and colors ultimately transcends the sound. I was soon introduced to a new “instrument”: the DSLR camera. The management of sound transformed to the manipulation of light. I found my music background to be extremely valuable when attempting to capture the intensity of a musician's expression. The anticipated climax of a musical phrase can reverberate forever in a photograph. Currently I am an event photographer. A large number of my assignments consist of photographing jazz performances and festivals where my camera becomes my instrument and I get to perform along with the artist. This position has given me the unique opportunity of photographing many prominent personalities and events, including arguably the “greatest show on earth” in modern history: the inauguration of our 44th President of These United States, Barack H. Obama. My camera of preference is the Sony Alpha 700 equipped with a 2.8/70-200G lens and an F828 Cybershot as backup for special shots. Why do I choose Sony? The world can afford to be seen from a different view. And that seems to be the common denominator in my life - looking at things from another perspctive. I've always believed JAZZ to be more than just music. It's a way of life; a subculture. You recognize it when you see it, you recognize it when you hear it. And the answer to the obvious question is - Yes. Sometimes I do hear my sax “calling me”, but for now I prefer to keep my mouth shut with eyes and ears open.

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