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Barbara Salter Nelson

Barbara Salter Nelson is a freelance writer with a special passion for jazz.

About Me

Writing is what I do. Its as necessary to me as breathing and eating. After more than 20 years of tap dancing in highly political corporate arenas, I opted out. As a freelance writer, I much prefer the freedom to choose my own topics and clients. The green paper may not be as abundant as it was when I sold my soul, but my stress level is practically non-existent and I have the time and energy to enjoy the things in life that matter--like music, nature, and the pursuit of happiness.

My Favorites

  1. Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays - As Falls Wichita, So Fall Wichita Falls
  2. Keith Jarret- The Koln Concert
  3. Egberto Gismonti - Sol Do Meio Dia
  4. Pat Metheny/ Charlie Haden - Beyond the Missouri Sky