Roger Ebacher

Roger Ebacher is a recording artist/composer/multi-instrumentalist based in Boston.

About Me

Recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, performer, and composer Roger Ebacher brings over 40 years of professional stage and studio experience to his table of musical offerings. Appearing on his own highly reviewed recordings as a consummate flutist including "Flutation Device" & "Backyard Carneval", with numerous additional guest CD appearances on a variety of instruments, Roger's roots and branches cover many styles. Jazz, fusion, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, reggae, Latin Jazz, Flamenco, African, and other world musics all come into play with his uniquely original compositions and dynamic live performances. He is also an in-demand percussionist (congas, bongos, dumbek, kalimba, etc.), singer, and keyboardist, and as such is comfortable and highly skilled in a variety of musical settings. Roger has twice been the featured guest artist on Boston's premier jazz radio program, Eric in the Evening (WGBH-FM, 89.7), and his music has been on the airwaves all over North America, Europe, and as far east as India, Thailand, and Russia. Based in the Boston area, Ebacher is held in high regard for the passion, artistry and professionalism he brings to his recordings and to his live appearances, for which he has access to some of the finest supporting players available from Boston to New York. Since 2008 Roger's world music project, THE AIR DEPARTMENT, has dipped deeply into the music of the Middle East, India, and Brazil, mixing it with Ambient, Electronica, Downtempo, and more. With five releases to date available worldwide, this music is a veritable sonic stew for adventurous listeners in today's evolving musical universe. In 2015 , Roger released BLUEISH GREY, a collection of Euro style chamber jazz, marking the first recording in several years to be released under his own name. In 2016, Roger released WITH YOU IN A MOMENT, another full- length collection of original compositions covering many styles of world jazz fusion. And while he has played most of the instruments on his prior recordings with The Air Department, these outings represent something of a tour de force of his multiple talents, as he is heard here on all instruments exclusively.

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2018-12-06

As I've often said, I still don't know what jazz is...but I know what it's not from fifty feet away! I don't think of it as a style of music so much as a way of perceiving and expressing things...a way that certainly does involve the ability to spontaneously improvise and to think outside the box. That said, I find jazz in all kinds of people, food, nature, visual art, and even in music. I especially love jazz people, who make for a very special and warm audience for music like no other.

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