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Ziga Koritnik

Ziga Koritnik is multi-practical photographer, following and photographing musicians for 25 years.

About Me

As with all the greatest masters, when looking at Ziga's photographs you have the distinct impression that they are entirely 'directed', pre-arranged, and absolutely perfect in terms of scenography. Most of the time, however (as in the world of music, where he gained fame through his study and ‘directed’ portraits of musicians) this is simply not the case. What is clear, of course, is that his extensive years of experience in television, and as official photographer for theatre, puppet and, primarily, musical events, culminates in his images of Sardinia, both in the landscapes and portraits. “All the world's a stage”, Shakespeare said, but only very few can truly feel this, and make it happen in everyday relations with objects, people and images. Ziga is one of these. To him, little matter that his lens captures you or me, or him or her. His relationship with those who pose for him is the same as that he enjoys indifferently with animate and inanimate nature: be it animals, plants, buildings, streets, walls or markets. Ziga simply ‘snaps’ life as it repeatedly yields him new images and moments. And above all this, he has this rare talent to grasp and capture those surplus moments of life as it passes us by, bursting out and compelling our attention. Through his photos, life speaks to us, the life we perceive as concrete, here and now, in Ziga's images remains fleeting, yet rambling, unique and eternal. by Mario Batelic, 2009 Selected solo shows: 2011 Gallery Jakopicevo sprehajalisce / Park Tivoli, Ljubljana / Slovenia 2011 Gallery Salsaverde, Izola / Slovenia 2011 Congress and cultural centre Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana / Slovenia 2011 City Gallery Nova Gorica / Slovenia 2010 Gallery Sokolski dom, Skofja Loka / Slovenia 2009 Su Palatu, Museum of photography, Vilanova Monteleone / Sardegna -Italy 2009 Galerija Fotografija, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2009 Dom Jozeta Azmana, Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenia 2009 Ranč Mrcina, Studor, Bohinj, Slovenia 2009 Knjižnica Otona Zupancica, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2008 Jazzbina, Pula, Croatia 2007 N.O. Jazz festival, Zagreb, Croatia 2007 Casa Lai, Gavoi, Sardegna, Italy 2006 Sava Center, Belgrade, Serbia 2005 Delavski dom, Hrastnik, Slovenia 2005 Gallery KUD France Preseren, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2005 Ring Ring festival, Belgrade, Serbia 2005 Kulturhaus, Dresden, Germany 2003 BOF, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2003 Jazz festival Izzven, Maribor, Slovenia 2003 Jazz festival Saalfelden , Austria 2003 Pavel Haus, Laafeld, Austria 2002 Pri Skofu, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2002 Galerija Plocnik, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2002 Stockwerk, Graz, Austria 2002 Kavehaz, New York, U.S.A. 2001 City museum Skopje, Macedonia 2000 Gallery Meduza, Koper, Slovenia 2000 Congress and cultural centre Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia 1999 Museum Loka, Skofja loka, Slovenia 1999 Gallery Kud France Preseren, Ljubljana, Slovenia 1999 Gallery Kibela, Maribor, Slovenia 1998 Technical university, Dresden, Germany 1998 City Library, Ludwigshafen, Germany 1998 Slovenian film fund, Ljubljana, Slovenia 1998 Likovni salon, Celje, Slovenija 1998 Gallery Avla NLB, Slovenia 1996 Jazz Festival Saalfelden, Austria 1996 Ganglova gallery, Metlika, Slovenia 1995 Photo gallery Stolp, Maribor, Slovenia 1993 Cultural and congress centre Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia 1991 Galery Kud France Preseren, Ljubljana, Slovenia 1990 Gallery Lerota, Ljubljana, Slovenia Selected Group shows: 2010 Photo Museum Su Palatu, Villanova Monteleone / Sardinia / Italy 2010 Gallery Kresija, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2009 Galerie Remixx, Graz, Austria 2006 Vision jazz festival, Angel Orensanz Center, New York, U.S.A. 2006 Musica sulle bocche, Sardegna, Italy 2005 OVSE conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2005 Musica sulle bocche, Sardegna, Italy 2005 Vision Art center, European cultural capital, Cork, Ireland 2005 Galleries Lafayette, Nice, France 2004 European comission, Strasbourg, France 2004 European parlament, Brussels, Belgium 2004 Gallery Kibela, Maribor, Slovenia 2004 Congress and cultural centre Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2003 TV Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2003 Jazz festival Cerkno, Slovenia 2003 Salon sodobne Slovenske fotografije, GR, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2002 Galerija Zula, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2002 Congress and cultural centre Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia 1998 Galerija Kapelica, Ljubljana, Slovenia 1996 Gallery KUD France Preseren, Ljubljana, Slovenia 1994 DruStvo oblikovalcev Slovenije, MGLC, Ljubljana, Slovenia 1993 Gallery Kud France Preseren, Ljubljana, Slovenia 1993 Moderna galerija, Rijeka, Croatia 1993 Galerija SKUC, Ljubljana, Slovenia 1991 Olympus, Tokio, Japan Personal Books: 1996 Jazzy-ga, Ziga Koritnik; selfpublished 2009 Ziga Koritnik, Un punto di luce, Archivi del sud, Alghero, Sardinija / Italy 2009 Jezero / The Lake, Ziga Koritnik; Klopotec, Slovenia Theater photographer: Slovensko Mladinsko gledalisce, Gledalisce Ane Monro, Drama, Lutkovno gledalisce Ljubljana, ....... Published photographies in magazines and newspapers: The New York Times, USA, Jazznin, Japan Santa Fe New Mexican, USA Il Manifesto, Italy Mladina, Delo, Dnevnik, M'ZIN, Likovne besede, Revija GM, Muska, Fotobilten, ARS Vivendi, Slovenija Opscene, Holland Neue Zeitschrift fur Musik, Germany Ballett Internationale, Germany Time Out, Great Britain Jazz Times, USA European Design Annual 1998 Signal To Noise, USA Jazziz, USA Village voice, USA All about Jazz, Italy, USA Prize winners of Olympus 70th Anniversary International Photo contest, Japan