Melvin Jones

Melvin Jones is one of the most versatile trumpeters out there!

About Me

Before taking my career seriously, I was provided the opportunity to study intensely with the late, great William Fielder, a highly-respected man who was considered to be one of the best trumpet instructors in the country. Since completing my formal instruction, I have been blessed to share the stage with and collaborate with nearly all of my musical heroes. I also had the fortune to serve as Director of Bands and Brass Instructor at my alma mater, Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. The combination of performing heavily in so many different styles and sharing my experiences with the next generation of musicians in the classroom has afforded me a less “pure” view of jazz. In my opinion, an effective jazz musician cannot exist without acknowledging the other styles of music that feed into the artform. As someone serving on both sides of the coin, I had to learn how to bridge the past to the present, and through the work with the students I was able to participate more closely in the future of the music. With so many elements making up my personal repertoire, I'm excited to share my musical thoughts with the world.

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