Rictor pino-ino

Rictor was born, grew up, then went to law school. I learned to play the trombone. I'm good at it, I could do it professionally.

About Me

I'm a jazz fan. One of my favorites is Urbie Green. Bobby Hackett is another one. So is Artie Shaw. They're awesome. ;) (That is the little guy winking) If you want to contact me, comment on an artist I've commented on most recently. Preferably, the first one on the list. Say “Hi Rictor Pino-ino...and then type your question.This is because my innbox is down. I'm very immature, according to most of my co workers.I like Glenn miller too. I have several videos if you scroll down, you'll see them. Today, I'm having trouble with them.There used to be an Urbie Green video, but something wrong with the embeding code. Youtube is having problems today.

I was born in Serbia. My parents couldn't take of me because they were poor, so my uncle, who was going to America, took me here, and put me in a foster home in New Orleans. There was a strong jazz influence. I learned to play the trombone and joined a street jazz band at the age of sixteen. There was a white band member who had a relative who started jazz(they were dead by then). He heard the songs the slaves sang everyday when he was a boy. He wanted to make a happy type of music to cheer them up, so he made a quirky style of jazz with his friends. That probably inspired the slaves to make jazz after the civil war. That's probably the coolest part of my early years.

After that it was mostly adult things. I went to law school, but I left New Orleans with that. I go to New Orleans every summer, where I meet the kind family that ended up adopting me. Just so you know, Rictor Pino-ino isn't my real name. It's just how people pronounced in America. I don't correct them because it's funny.

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