Halie Loren

The first thing you notice is that voice: deep and rich and warm, gorgeous, graceful, and somehow earthy and ethereal at once.

About Me

HALIE LOREN is a singer and a songwriter who gets in your head, pulls you on an effervescent musical journey as she delivers her dipped-in-molasses, jazz-infused sound. Able to seamlessly move in and out of genres with emotional authority and a fluency that belies her young age, Loren makes you want to stop to listen and catch each and every nuance she delivers with expressive vocals that are sensitive yet seductive. 

Loren has established her reputation as a talented singer and songwriter since her teen years as she’s carved out a unique sound that has too many facets and layers to simply plug into a cookie-cutter genre and label her music as she pulls from elements of jazz, blues, folk, pop and country. In part, Loren attributes her ability to cross and mix genres into a cohesive sound to having grown up on an island in Southeast Alaska, where much of her diverse music exposure was garnered through listening to everything the one radio station available (public radio) had to offer and her parent’s vast eclectic music selections.  Says Loren, ‘Since I didn’t know what was supposed to be ‘popular’ music at the time, I didn’t establish any musical boundaries.   I know now how important a role this played as I was absorbing everything musical I could find.” 

Once she moved to the “lower 48”, Loren was quickly discovered by Northwest music communities.  By age 14, she had begun to write her own music, with three of her first original songs receiving regional & national awards.  The accolades continued to come in through her teenage years as she won multiple songwriting awards in almost every music genre from well-respected sources including Billboard International and the John Lennon Songwriting Competition.

Feeling that she wanted to broaden her musical horizons even more, at 17, Halie moved to Nashville to further pursue songwriting and industry experience.  She spent the next 1-1/2 years there exploring Nashville’s extensive musical offerings while collaborating and working with many well-known, Grammy-winning writers and numerous other music industry veterans and performing in New York, Nashville, & Seattle.

She returned to the Northwest and completed her college education while performing extensively, fronting full bands, spicing up trios in intimate club settings, and performing solo with her trusty keyboard as her only companion.   All the while, Halie continued writing, recording and collaborating on various projects with other music professionals around the country and in 2006, released “Full Circle”, her first solo release of original material to impressive reviews from industry professionals, music journalists, and fans alike. 

Her 2008 jazz release, 'They Oughta Write a Song', won ‘Best Vocal Jazz Album’ at the 2009 JPF Music awards, the largest independent music awards in the world, closely followed by an acclaimed live album, ‘Stages’, that proved she’s just as good in live performances as in the studio. In early 2010, she was signed by JVC/Victor Entertainment for distribution throughout Asia, where her albums have repeatedly reached the coveted #1 spot on both Amazon and HMV's jazz charts and placed as the #4 jazz album of the entire year on Amazon’s 'Best of 2010' jazz chart.

Loren’s tour expanded beyond the continental US in 2010, including performances in British Columbia, Hawaii, and two tours in Japan, where she was a featured headliner at the Ginza Jazz Festival, and embarked on a promotional campaign for her newest CD, ‘After Dark’. This year, Loren has already completed a successful tour in Japan, performing to packed audiences at the Blue Note (Nagoya) and Cotton Club (Tokyo), and sold out venues in California and Nevada. Loren will continue with a very busy touring schedule in 2011, including cities throughout the US, Asia, and Europe.

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