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Peter Daley

About Me

MUSIC IS UNTOUCHABLE, YOU CAN'T TOUCH IT BUT IT CAN TOUCH YOU" Music is a gift from God! Brought up in the Pentecostal church, Peter received his first musical training listening and learning hymns, gospel and inspirational songs on the piano/keyboards & Hammond organ. Peter studied at the Birmingham Conservatoire, UK, where he received paramount training in composition and learnt orchestration, theory, polyphony, harmony, arranging, & music philosophy. Peter's inspiration comes through many life experiences. He composes/writes music & songs for soloist, groups, bands, and orchestras. His 15+ years in the music industry has given him a wealth of knowledge & experience that could not be bought. Peter's studio comprises of Logic Pro 7.2, Sibelius 4 and an MPC2000 to compose, arrange & produce music, (not forgetting the good ol' paper 'n' pen). Teaching has been part of Peter's career; piano, composition, arranging and community choirs. Peter's last Commission 'So Sweet', was from Black Voices and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO), which was performed with a community choir, 4 piece band & the CBSO at Birmingham's Symphony Hall. As a keyboard player/MD Peter has performed with Fred Hammond, Martha Munizzi and Jessie Campbell (at P.I.P.) Ronny Jordan, Vickie Winans, God Quest, Dave Copeland, Carla Hayles, U.K. Fellowship Choir, Bishop Wagner & The Mount Calvary Concert Choir/The Bishops Choir, Doris Troy, True Solace, Dawkins & Dawkins, Donnie McClurkin, Winans Phase II, Ben Tankard, Kim Burrell, Lekan Babalola, The Birmingham Conservatoire Big-Band, Jean Toussaint, Nu Life, Konig, to name a few. Composed, arranged & played on the following Albums: Nu Life, Black Voices, Siani, Raymond & Co, Konig, Bethel National Choir and Young Disciples. Peter released his debut album 'Apart From Life', in 2006.