Don Emanuel

Retired Personnel Manager, now devoted to jazz and runs jazz website.

About Me

I got into jazz in 1948 by hearing Fats Waller on the radio. Remained on the periphary of jazz until about 1950 when got into everything, mainly UK Big Bands which were then on the radio broadcasting live. Took saxophone lessons for six months in 1954 on an instrument that I'm sure was a prototype made by Adolph Sax. Sax teacher told me to get another horn as mine was so bad. Couldn't afford it so just pissed about with the existing instrument for the next five years, not really getting anywhere. Then discovered Parker and Gillespie, Mulligan and West Coast Jazz. Was a late convert to hard bop, 1954. Virtually lived in the London jazz Clubs until I was conscripted into the Army in 1958. Played drums in a small jazz group whilst serving her Majesty. Bought a double bass and failed miserably to master it and got rid of it after two years. Since then still played drums but for my own enjoyment (more often disgust). Record myself now playing and recording with all the best jazz records that don't have a drummer on them. Just occasionally hear four bars or so that I've played that sounds OK, mostly pretty average. Complete jazz nut, listening to most jazz styles but also enjoying a lot of Brazilian music and musicians. Not a great admirer of the avant garde and although I like a number of Ornette's tunes I get no pleasure at all from his bands or his playing. Have a stupidly large jazz record and CD collection. Constantly listening to new stuff and still get excited when finding a interesting new player, Like NY based tenorist Grant Stewart, see my interview with him on my website.

Do quite a bit of live jazz recordings, always with the permission of the musicians. An example of which is my recording of Gilad Atzmon on my website.

Run a jazz website for UK promoter

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