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Jim Brimer

The Jim of Jim's Dallas-Fort Worth Jazz Band is the highly experienced and very talented clarinetist Jim Brimer who's been around the Texan jazz scene for many years and not only with this - his own band.

About Me

I am Jim Brimer a jazz clarinetist that leads a group called Jim’s Jazz Band which plays traditional jazz music residing in Fort Worth, Texas. Brian Harvey of EuroClub de Jazz in the United Kingdom says “The Jim of Jim’s Jazz Band is the highly experienced and very talented clarinetist Jim Brimer who’s been around the Texan jazz scene for many years. Together with the other players of his band he plays down home classic jazz”. I produced a CD of Jim’s Jazz Band performing fourteen great jazz tunes while playing live at Pierre’s Mardi Gras Café in Arlington, Texas. Listening to the sounds of my trio performing, one could feel the styles of traditional jazz played on the stages of the 1930’s. Last spring we played again at Pierre’s. Before that, Jim’s Jazz Band played a private company party in Irving, Texas which has become a yearly event for them. In the summer, we played for Grapefest 2010 in Grapevine, our second year with them. And in December we will play at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. My sidemen of Jim’s Jazz Band are Scott Whitfield and Marla Sporrer making up the core of my sound. Scott, the banjo man, also a singer, song writer, and teacher, heads up the rhythm and cords of our traditional jazz songs. Marla is the acoustical bassist driving the sounds of our music by walking the bass through the cords and melodies. She is also a singer, plays banjo, and plays guitar. During the years forming Jim’s Jazz Band, I performed with other jazz bands learning traditional jazz. One such jazz band I was in at the time played for the presidential inaugural balls in Washington D.C. Over the years playing for art and jazz festivals, company parties, private parties, restaurants, clubs, and weddings in bands from trios to sextets in the metroplex I came to meet Scott Whitfield and Marla Sporrer. Because of there excellent performance level, I choose them to be my main sidemen for my trio. Coming up in March, Jim’s Jazz Band will be performing for The Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. In a review by Mr. Harvey of EuroClub de Jazz, Brian says “They're such a good band - lively, inventive, and exciting at times and with an excellent repertoire of good old oldies. To summarize, this is an unpretentious happy-sounding band that I'd be happy to spend an evening with”.