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Lyn Horton

Lyn is first and foremost a visual artist. Her second love is music and the musicians who make it.

About Me

My indoctrination to the jazz music world occurred in high school with a performance by the original Dave Brubeck 4tet : Paul Desmond, Eugene Wright and Joe Morello. It was not until I was studying at CalArts & going to my studio daily that I plunged deeper into the music when I listened to KBCA. After Cal Arts, my penchant turned to contemporary classical and its obvious antecedents. I rubbed elbows with Morton Feldman, John Cage, Iannis Xenakis, Steve Reich (from whom I have not yet turned away), George Crumb and Nils Vigeland. Mixing the three disciplines of mainstream jazz, contemporary classical music and my making visual art, I somehow developed the capacity to write about creative improvised music, first introduced to me by Michael Ehlers, the founder of Eremite Records. A performance by Joe McPhee, playing an improvised piece on the valve trombone dedicated to Denis Charles, re-opened my ears to hearing the innuendos of sound. That was a remarkable turning point in my listening life. With that, my art-making began to coalesce further thematically. I have never looked back. My position as Contributor to this website ended with the last entry of My Top Ten List for 2010. Having written also for, The New York City Jazz Messenger, Downbeat and since 1996, I have managed to create an audience for my blog, The Paradigm for Beauty, which is now the only venue for my writing.

My Favorites

  1. Joe McPhee- As Serious as Your Life
  2. Joe McPhee-Everything Has A Reason
  3. Joe McPhee-Soprano
  4. Joe McPhee, Michael Bisio, Dominic Duval, Paul Rogers, Claude Tchamitian- Angels, Devils & Haints
  5. Joe McPhee, Paal Nilssen-Love: Tomorrow Came Today
  6. Joe McPhee, Hamid Drake-Emancipation Proclamation
  7. Hamid Drake-Bindu
  8. Hamid Drake & Bindu-Blissful
  9. Fred Anderson and Hamid Drake-From the River to the Ocean
  10. Matthew Shipp-One
  11. Matthew Shipp-Nu-Bop
  12. Burton Greene-Live At Grasland
  13. Burton Greene-Retrospective 1961-2005
  14. Mat Maneri-Trinity
  15. Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet-Tabligh
  16. Wadada Leo Smith-Lake Biwa
  17. Wadada Leo Smith-Red Sulphur Sky
  18. Wadada Leo Smith-Blue Mountain's Sun Drummer
  19. Max Roach and Abdullah Ibrahim-Streams of Consciousness
  20. Trio X- Live AT Vilnius
  21. David S. Ware- Saturnian
  22. Gnarls Barkley-St. Elsewhere
  23. Steve Reich- Works, 1965-1995
  24. John Coltrane-Village Vanguard Live, 1961
  25. John Coltrane-Crescent
  26. Brad Mehldau-Live in Toyko
  27. Brad Mehldau-Trio-Anything Goes
  28. U2-Achtung Baby
  29. Dave Burrell-Momentum
  30. William Parker-O'Neal's Porch
  31. William Parker- The Peach Orchard
  32. William Parker-Lifting the Sanctions
  33. The Beatles-The White Album
  34. Glenn Branca - Symphony #1
  35. Underworld-Live
  36. Michael Franti-From the Porch
  37. Radiohead-OK Computer
  38. Donald Harrison-Nouveau Swing
  39. Josha Redman 4tet-Moodswing
  40. Dave Burrell-Live At Caramoor
  41. Bill Frisell-Nashville
  42. Ken Vandermark, Joe McPhee-Meeting in Chicago