Nathan Holaway

...jazz aficionado...and still learning...

About Me

I currently hold a Masters of Music degree in Jazz from the University of Alabama. I'm a jazz alto saxophonist, clarinetist, and pianist. (Check out my music on my MySpace page.) I am also a freelance journalist for All About Jazz, a published jazz/beat poet, I've hosted a jazz radio show on New Rock 90.7 (Hear Me Talkin' to Ya?), and I'm currently looking for a teaching job at a willing university. I perform and arrange any and all styles of music locally and abroad, have had original compositions played in a variety of locations, give lectures pertaining to jazz, heavily advocate jazz education, and I'm quite a foreign and silent film fanatic. Eccentric in nature, warm in personality, witty in humor, aloof to close-mindedness, and coffee connoisseur 24/7. That's me in a nutshell... preferably a Ferrero Rocher nutshell.

My Jazz Story

I love jazz love, it chooses you, not the other way around. I was first exposed to my grandmother who bought me a Jazz Best CD (and not a cheesy one either!) after I started middle school band saying "If you're going to play a horn, you might as well listen to REAL horn music!" I've met...Randy Breacker (who loves McDonald's), Bill Frisell (the humble introvert), Jack DeJohnette (forceful personality), Joey DeFrancesco (the prof.), Giacomo Gates (non- smoking advocate), Gene Bertoncini (who taught me that swing is in the way you move your ass to the music), Frank Vignola (taught me rugged individuality), Chris Speed (very humble), Joe Labarbera (like a sunny day), Cleve Eaton (always calling out cats on changes), Toshiko Akiyoshi (the harshest critic), Lew Soloff (don't get him started on Miles), Marc Ribot (always deep in contemplation), Chuck Redd (always calling beautiful obscure tunes - Zingaro), John Medeski (don't approach him on a sick day), Sue Mingus (very elegant & graceful), Joey Baron (full of smiles and hugs), Greg Cohen (very down to earth), John Zorn (always true to his word and a listening freak), Paul Ferguson (great compositional advice), Bud Shank (was happy go lucky), Phil Woods (loves beer, BBQ ribs, and to spar verbally), Ronnie Cuber (whose personality is as big as his sound), Marcus Roberts (a most gracious accompanist), Marcus Printup (very cool thoughts on the state of jazz today), Bob Mintzer (loves to talk about NYC in the 70s), Frank Morgan (loved to be showered with compliments), Branford Marsalis (always analyzing what he just played; very patient with fans), Bobby Millitello (always ready with a new joke), Lee Konitz (salty & sarcastic, but I love him anyway), Ornette Coleman (probably the most gracious musician I've ever met; called me his brother when I told him I play Alto Sax). The best show I ever attended was...a 3-way tie: Sonny Rollins, the Keith Jarrett Trio, Chick Corea / Gary Burton Duo. My advice to new listeners...take it ALL in, and don't be quick to judge. You might not be ready yet.

My Favorites